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English Teacher

April 4, 1990
Janis T. Gabay, an English teacher at Serra High School in San Diego, will receive the 1990 National Teacher of the Year award today at the White House. "I see my primary task as bringing out abilities and talents that students may not even know they have," Gabay says. State Supt. of Public Instruction Bill Honig called Gabay "the prototype of the teachers we need for the 1990s."
December 11, 2001 | From Associated Press
Middletown Township teachers went back to their classrooms Monday after a weeklong walkout that got more than 200 of them thrown in jail. There were plenty of hard feelings to go around: Teachers, parents and students all expressed resentment over the walkout, which disrupted child-care arrangements, left children idle and teachers feeling unappreciated. "It's a serious tear in the community," said Mel Clifford, an English teacher at Middletown North High School.
February 1, 1993 | Compiled for The Times by Trin Yarborough
SOMALY MEAS English teacher, Lakewood. Born in Cambodia, Anaheim resident It's quite out of the ordinary for a 22-year-old Cambodian woman like myself to live away from home and earn her living. Traditionally women in Cambodia have been condemned to stay at home as housewives, not encouraged to have political opinions or a higher education. They are "slaves of the house," always in a role inferior to that of the men.
December 3, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
A man has been charged in the 1985 stabbing death of an English teacher who was discovered by his then-14-year-old niece, Philadelphia police said. Detectives used new technology to run a fingerprint found on a wine glass, said Barry Moskovitz, of the Records and Identification Unit. The development led to charges against William Basemore, 37, an inmate already on death row for the 1986 murder of a security guard.
April 15, 1994
Prosecutors filed a felony charge Thursday against a 15-year-old Littlerock High School student accused of poisoning his English teacher by putting four to five drops of toxic cleaning fluid in her Diet Pepsi. The boy, whose name was withheld because of his age, faces a single count of poisoning or adulterating a food or drink, authorities said.
June 9, 1990 | From United Press International
Vietnam arrested and expelled an American English teacher for allegedly threatening national security and possessing secret documents, Hanoi radio and the teacher's sponsoring organization said Friday. Diplomats said the expulsion appears to be part of a widening crackdown on foreigners and internal dissidents meant to prevent Eastern European-style democratization in Vietnam.
June 23, 1991
An English teacher asks students to write about "To be, or not to be." One student calls it beautiful because it lays bare the intimate thoughts of a troubled man, while another says it is beautiful because it comes from "Hamlet." Do both students pass? Another teacher asks students to write about "The truth shall make you free." One student finds it of little value because it does not define truth and says nothing about finding it, while another says it is of little value because it comes from the Bible.
September 8, 1996
Regarding the article "Showing Their Credentials" (by Michele Willens, Sept. 1): Here's a little-known secret in the teaching business: Many students look forward to, and even love, going to school. Not necessarily to learn, although it happens anyway and is a terrific secondary gain, but rather to see their teachers. You see, TV producers, you don't need to portray teachers as caring, altruistic, dedicated and quick-witted--THAT'S WHAT WE ARE! Why are classrooms suddenly the hot situation for situation comedies?
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