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September 16, 1988
Neo-environmentalist Bush informs us that 1988 was the year the earth talked back. The earth has been talking back for a long time; Bush just hasn't been listening. BURTON KALLMAN Torrance
July 30, 1992
It's curious, but revealing, that Virginia Postrel's "Al Gore Has Met The Enemy, and It's Us" (Column Right, July 19) provides an excellent summation of Gore's position on the environment, and the dramatic steps necessary to "use . . . every means to halt the destruction of the environment and to preserve and nurture our ecological system." By recounting what is rapidly becoming a mainstream position on the environment, demonstrated by numerous polls of the American people, who are indeed willing to make dramatic changes to preserve the environment, and expecting it to appear as unreasonable, extremist and unworthy, Postrel's conclusion, that Gore is simply a "radical . . . pressing the panic button," rings hollow and disingenuous.
April 17, 1988
I read a letter from Martin Dugard (April 3) regarding your article: "Hard Pedaling It." In his letter, he accused mountain bikers of increasing trail erosion and "other" decay. I don't see where two bicycle tires are any worse than two running shoes. No, it's not the bike or the running shoes but insensitivity to the environment that caused problems. Incidentally, this jogger accuses bikers of joining a hip, passing fancy. Interesting irony: the pot calling the kettle black.
April 23, 1991
Prince Charles, Britain's most prominent conservationist, is having the royal yacht anchored somewhere near the Brazilian port of Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon River, for an "informal seminar" on the planned United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, scheduled for June, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro. The shipboard seminar begins Friday morning.
August 19, 2009
Re "Alaska's mine waste dump approved," Aug. 16 How in the world can a thinking person approve dumping "millions of tons of waste" into a beautiful lake, believing that would be better than putting it into a landfill? You don't need a degree in environmental studies to think this is a terrible crime to the environment. What does it take -- people to get cancer 20 years later from their drinking water, or birds and fish dying? If we can't figure out a better way to deposit the waste, we should not be building the plants in the first place.
May 29, 1999 | Associated Press
A 10-year, $16-million program to make concern for the environment a fundamental focus of religious life in America has been announced by an umbrella group. The long-term goal of the Leadership of National Religious Partnership for the Environment is to ensure that religious leaders of the next generation make caring for God's creation a priority.
October 16, 1997
To help teach children about environmental values, Soka University will sponsor a free sheepherding workshop Nov. 8. The Saturday morning workshop will be coordinated by the San Fernando Herding Assn., which began sponsoring such events in 1993. The subsequent release of the hit movie "Babe," about a talking pig, popularized working with animals, said Soka spokeswoman Earlyn Moshe. Younger children will herd a flock of ducks, while older children will work with sheepherding dogs, she said.
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