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Episcopal Church Los Angeles

November 5, 2009 | Teresa Watanabe
A former employee of First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles accused the pastor, John Hunter, in a civil lawsuit of forcing her into sexual service for four years and firing her when she finally refused to comply. The Rev. Brenda Lamothe, who worked with Hunter as his executive assistant and in other posts starting in 2004, charged in the suit filed Tuesday that the pastor began pressuring her into inappropriate hugging and kissing in 2005 and escalated to demands for sex. The complaint charges that Hunter told her it was "God's will" to satisfy his desires and regularly demanded sex both at his church office and at hotels in Southern California, Virginia and North Carolina.
March 28, 1993 | CHARISSE JONES
The Rev. Cecil Murray, pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, has a personal mission to find a lifelong companion for every black woman in his congregation. "We have made a special effort to recruit some 3,500 men--that includes some 1,700 bachelors," he says. "We jokingly, but not jokingly, promise every female in the church a fine Christian man." Murray feels an obligation toward the females who make up more than half of his 8,500 member congregation.
March 9, 2003 | Larry B. Stammer, Times Staff Writer
Thousands of followers, nationally known preachers, government figures and relatives bade farewell Saturday to the late Rev. E.V. Hill at a marathon service steeped in tributes, tears and joyous proclamations of Gospel hope. The outpouring for the 69-year-old preacher and confidant of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. came during an hours-long service at West Angeles Cathedral on Crenshaw Boulevard. Hill was also remembered Friday night at Mt.
March 27, 1996 | JOHN DART / Times staff writer
Today's question: Some gays and lesbians live in committed relationships and symbolized that union with a religious rite, although legally they are not recognized as married. In most social situations you can imagine, if you were asked to introduce the couple before a meeting, would you usually honor the couples' self-description or avoid doing so for reasons of tact or personal conviction? The Rev. Warner Traynham Rector, St.
January 10, 1995
The Rev. Cecil Murray of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles will be a guest speaker for the South County Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration '95 on Monday. The two-day event, which will offer other speakers as well as discussions and musical entertainment, will be capped with the appearance by Murray at Saddleback College's McKinney Theater.
March 30, 1985
Musical and stage productions of Jesus' final week are numerous in Southern California this Easter season, perhaps spurred in Southern California by the continuing success of the Crystal Cathedral's grandiose "Glory of Easter" dramatization, complete with hovering angels and simulated earthquake. About 140,000 persons are expected to see the 58 performances at the Crystal Cathedral, which began March 15 and will end April 13.
September 6, 1990
Kid's Sportsbeat magazine will sponsor a Salute to African-American Leadership awards ceremony and dinner Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The event will honor blacks who have excelled in education, entertainment, religion, sports and family life. Recipients of the Heritage Award of Lifetime Achievement are Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X. The Hank Gathers Character Award will be presented to Tommy Hawkins, vice president of communications for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
As hundreds of worshipers filed into the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Los Angeles' oldest and most prominent black congregation, several dozen protesters stood across the street, waving picket signs. One read: "The snitch got to go. Free Geronimo." The demonstrators were an unsettling challenge to a venerable institution, and their target on that Sunday in January was no less than the 61-year-old chairman of First A.M.E.'s Board of Trustees: Julius C. (Julio) Butler.
November 7, 2012
Re "Keeping politics out of the pulpit," Editorial, Nov. 5 Today I consider myself a freelance Catholic. I still go to Mass daily because I really enjoy the experience, but that's about it. I don't want anything to do with the organization. Two quotes from your editorial - one in which a Roman Catholic bishop says those who enable the destruction of life also reject Jesus, and another from a bishop who suggested that hellfire awaits those who vote the wrong way - are particularly egregious but typical of present-day Catholic hierarchical thinking.
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