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Episcopal Church

April 5, 2008 | From Reuters
A Virginia court has ruled in favor of 11 conservative congregations that broke away from the U.S. Episcopal Church and want to keep property worth millions of dollars, parties in the dispute said Friday. The ruling is the latest development in an upheaval over orthodoxy roiling the global Anglican community. Its U.S. branch, the Episcopal Church, has been beset by disputes, including one involving the installation of an openly gay bishop.
March 21, 2008
The Federal Reserve's rush to rescue Bear Stearns Cos. from bankruptcy has fueled talk of a government bailout for less well-heeled victims of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco: borrowers on the verge of foreclosure and neighborhoods pocked with abandoned properties. Even some banks have begun lobbying quietly for a federal rescue for homeowners, conceding that their own efforts to avert foreclosures aren't ramping up fast enough.
March 13, 2008 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
Leaders of the Episcopal Church formally ousted the bishop of California's breakaway Diocese of San Joaquin on Wednesday, saying John-David Schofield had abandoned the communion of the church in a bitter, years-long struggle over homosexuality and the Bible. In December, Schofield's Fresno-based diocese became the first in the nation to secede from the Episcopal Church over the issues, placing itself under the authority of a theologically conservative Anglican archbishop in South America.
January 13, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
The attorney general of Virginia has filed a motion to intervene in the court battle between the Episcopal Church and 11 breakaway congregations, arguing that he is obliged to defend the constitutionality of a state statute at the center of the trial. The case in Fairfax County, Va., Circuit Court is over whether the conservative congregations, which left the national church over disputes related to the interpretation of Scripture and the acceptance of homosexuality, can keep the land and buildings.
January 12, 2008 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
The bishop whose Fresno-based diocese voted in December to leave the Episcopal Church was formally banned Friday from carrying out any ecclesiastical duties for the church, officials said. Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori took the interim step after a review committee found that Bishop John-David Schofield had abandoned the communion of the church by leading his diocese to the recent secession vote, said the Rev. Charles Robertson, the presiding bishop's canon. On Dec.
January 2, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori says her American church has been unfairly singled out for criticism because it is honest about consecrating gay bishops. Jefferts Schori told BBC Radio 4's "PM" program that the New York-based church, which is the Anglican body in the United States, is far from being the only Anglican province that has a bishop with a same-sex partner. In 2003, Episcopalians elected the first openly gay bishop, V.
December 24, 2007 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
Bishop John-David Schofield's tone was urgent this month as he exhorted delegates from his Central California diocese to leave the Episcopal Church. For more than 20 years, Schofield said, he had watched in dismay as the national church strayed from Scripture and made controversial decisions about theology and sexuality, including the role of gays in the church. Now, he told delegates to his diocese's annual convention, it was time to act. "God's timing is essential!"
December 15, 2007 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, in a long-awaited message to the global Anglican Communion he heads, said Friday there was no consensus among Anglican leaders on whether the Episcopal Church had met demands that it stop consecrating openly gay bishops and authorizing same-sex blessings.
December 10, 2007 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
One day after the Diocese of San Joaquin became the first in the country to break ties with the Episcopal Church, the Rev. Keith Axberg sought to reassure and cheer up his congregation, the only one in this city that is expected to remain with the national church. "There are things that are going to take time and much we don't know," said Axberg, rector of Holy Family Episcopal Church in northeast Fresno. "But our purpose is to gather here to worship God . . . and I'm thankful you are here."
December 9, 2007 | Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writer
Central California's Diocese of San Joaquin on Saturday became the first in the nation to secede from the Episcopal Church, taking the historic, risky step as part of a years-long struggle within the U.S. church and global Anglican Communion over homosexuality and biblical authority.
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