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Equal Opportunity

June 15, 1998 | JIM SHEA
Viagra is going to be tested in the Supreme Court. I don't mean literally. I don't think. But then who can ever be 100% sure of what goes on there, you know, with the baggy robes and everything. When I say tested in the Supreme Court, though, I am referring to a challenge on constitutional grounds. The issues? Interstate commerce. Equal opportunity. Freedom of expansion. The case will, of course, have historical precedent on its side.
November 14, 1999
Disney's apparent rolling over on the "Black Hoe" issue is downright goofy ["Disney Reverses Approach to 'Black Hoe' Controversy," Oct. 19]. Sure, KLOS' Mark and Brian are offensive, but they're so damned funny about it. There are no sacred cows. They are non-discriminating, equal-opportunity offenders. The most racist and sexually degrading treatment of black women occurs at the hands of black men, particularly the creators and broadcasters of some types of rap music. Why isn't the Congress of Racial Equality equally protesting them?
November 1, 2009 | Broderick Turner
His stats tell one story. He tells another. The two are conflicting, confounding even when Ron Artest explains his woes on offense. He's shooting only 25% (four for 16) from the field, 22.2% (two for nine) from three-point range. He's even missing from the free-throw line, making only 33.3% (three for nine) of his tries. Those numbers say Artest's shot has betrayed him. He says otherwise. "I feel like I shot the ball well," Artest, who is averaging 6.5 points after two games with the Lakers, said after practice Saturday.
December 19, 2008 | F. Kathleen Foley, David C. Nichols and Charlotte Stoudt
Written in 1970 (the same year its author was elected to the French Academy), Eugene Ionesco's "Killing Game" is hardly hearty holiday fare. But if you like your humor dark-hued, the production at Unknown Theater might be your ticket. The play opens on a sunlit village square as its denizens go about their business. The halcyon scene is rudely interrupted when twin infants are found dead in their perambulator. Dire as they may seem, those deaths are just a precursor. Panic erupts as a mysterious plague sweeps the city.
June 15, 1997
I read with some alarm the June 1 article "Public Schools Deserve Good Grades, Most Say," where a university professor polled 750 individuals on topics relating to public education. While many of us are products of the public education system, this does not mean we are trained professional educators. Education is much too important to our country's future to be politicized. Our public schools have been the basis upon which our American economy has grown and has assured that all Americans have an equal opportunity.
November 13, 1994
In "Jury Awards $89.5 Million in Hughes Race Bias Lawsuit" (Oct. 27), Ian Herzog, one of the attorneys representing the litigants in this case, is quoted as saying that "racism is rampant" at Hughes and that "if Hughes didn't get the message from this, and I don't think they did, it (the award) is not enough." As a retired Hughes employee, I agree totally with Mr. Herzog's assessment, including the part regarding Hughes' not getting the message. Hughes Aircraft Co. was founded by that great engineer but alleged racist Howard Hughes.
January 21, 2009 | TIM RUTTEN
With so much of the nation's attention understandably focused on President Obama's inauguration, it was inevitable that a local event of great significance, the Los Angeles Police Department's First Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, went all but overlooked Monday. It deserves to be noted, though, because such a celebration of the civil rights leader's birthday would have been unthinkable on several counts just a few years ago. LAPD Chief William J.
November 5, 1995
We are in heartfelt support of the UCI hunger strikers and their objectives. What they have been doing is beautiful and courageous. They have sent a clear message condemning every person in power who flip-flops on commitments to justice and equal opportunity. We are deeply concerned about the danger to their health in the sacrifice they have been making. Yet we respect their willingness to make that sacrifice. AMIN DAVID Chair Los Amigos of Orange County Fundamentally, these so-called students are misguided and insulting to intelligent Hispanic students.
August 1, 2004
Thomas Frank in "Clueless Democrats Trot Out Hollywood" (Commentary, July 29) hits the nail on the head when he writes that many regard the spokespeople for the Democratic Party as "a collection of snobs alternately permissive and moralistic, an upper class that believes it is more sophisticated and tasteful than average people." I would guess that most Americans hold traditionally liberal values: equal opportunity for all, the need for government to help take care of those who fall through the cracks of the economy, minimized government interference in the lives of its citizens, war only as a last resort, etc. Yet, a populist message when advanced by condescending elites, at best, fails to persuade many Americans and, at worst, appears as nothing more than the propaganda of those concerned ultimately with achieving social or political power for its own sake.
June 1, 2012
High school students have long wanted the option of taking the SAT in the summer. That's when many of the tutoring programs for the high-stakes college test are given, so the information would be fresh in the students' minds. The timing also would allow them to study for the test when they have more leisure, rather than during the academic year. Now, finally, this August, the College Board will offer a summer administration of the test - but only at a $4,500 summer program being held on the campus of Amherst College in Massachusetts, giving some 50 students who are already heavily advantaged an additional leg up. This was a terrible decision by the College Board, owner of the SAT. It's worth remembering that when the SAT (which stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test at the time; now it's simply an acronym)
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