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Eric Cantor

October 11, 2011 | By Kathleen Hennessey, Washington Bureau
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is trying to walk back his criticism of the Occupy Wall Street protesters just days after the Virginia Republican characterized them as "mobs. " At a news conference with reporters on Tuesday, Cantor went for a more empathetic approach, saying he understood why there was unrest. “People are upset, and they are justifiably frustrated. They're out of work. The economy is not moving. Their sense of security for the future is not clear at all. People are afraid, and I get it,” he said.
October 5, 2011 | By Tom Hamburger, Washington Bureau
A senior advisor to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is leaving his federal post to open a "super PAC" that can raise unlimited amounts from individuals and corporations to back conservative Republican candidates and causes. The move by John Murray, who served as Cantor's deputy chief of staff, is another indication that congressional leaders are looking to raise fund through super PACs, new, technically independent political organizations that were spawned as a result of a controversial Supreme Court decision in 2010.
October 3, 2011 | By Lisa Mascaro, Washington Bureau
Even after he called for comity, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor couldn't help but take a swipe at President Obama's characterization of America as having gone "soft" in recent years when it comes to being on the cutting edge of global innovation and economic competition. Obama's comments came last week during an interview on WESH-TV , the NBC affiliate in Orlando, Fla., as he made the case for investment in science and infrastructure, and revamping the education system to enable young people to better compete in the fast-changing global environment.
September 8, 2011 | By Kathleen Hennessey
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor seems to be warming to one likely element of President Obama's job proposal. The Virginia Republican suggested Thursday, hours before Obama was due to outline the plan, that Republicans might be willing to accept an extension of the payroll tax cut. "It's not the best way to create incentives for a small business to create a job, but it does provide tax relief for people," Cantor told reporters at a lunch hosted...
August 31, 2011
The federal government's approach to emergency relief has long been to open its checkbook and pay whatever it took to get communities back on their feet. Agencies had budgets for disaster response, but nature defied prediction; overruns were the rule, not the exception. After Hurricane Irene flooded large swathes of the Northeast, however, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) declared that the era of the open checkbook was over. Instead of borrowing from the future to pay for repairs, Cantor said, Congress must offset any new relief spending with cuts in other programs.
August 29, 2011 | By Michael A. Memoli
As FEMA's budget is under new strain in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, a top House Republican maintained that any new funds allocated for federal disaster relief must be offset by budget cuts elsewhere. Speaking on Fox News Channel, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said a natural disaster like Hurricane Irene is an "appropriate instance" for a federal role, but that the government can't go deeper into debt to pay for unexpected outlays. "We will find the money if there is a need for additional monies," he said.
August 17, 2011
In advance of the next potential budget showdown, a top GOP leader sought to tamp down discontent Wednesday among House Republicans over the fiscal 2012 spending levels agreed to under the debt deal with President Obama. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the majority leader, told rank-and-file lawmakers “it is in our best interest” to accept the new levels, which do not cut as steeply as some conservative lawmakers wanted. Congress will be expected to approve spending bills for the coming fiscal year, which begins Oct.1, after lawmakers return from the August recess.
July 14, 2011 | By Michael A. Memoli
President Obama described his relationship with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as "cordial" on Thursday, one day after a testy exchange between the two ended a negotiating session on the debt ceiling. Even as Obama described the daily White House talks as "professional," he signaled his frustration with the lack of progress to CBS affiliate KYW, one of three local television interviews he did Thursday trying to make his case to the nation. "At a certain point, the American people run out of patience if they think that people are playing games and not serious in terms of solving problems," he said.
June 27, 2011 | By Lisa Mascaro
President Obama is convening the top two Senate leaders at the White House on Monday to restart debt negotiations after talks imploded last week over taxes and both sides struggle to reach agreement with a fast-approaching deadline. It marked a crucial moment as both sides hoped to resolve the impasse to send a message to jittery financial markets well in advance of the Aug. 2 deadline. That goal now seems in doubt. The nation risks unprecedented federal default in August if the nation fails to raise the $14.3-trillion debt limit and allow further borrowing.
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