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October 7, 1990
It is 1990, isn't it? I wasn't sure after I read the article on Shane Black and all the other nice, young, white, male successful screenwriters. For some crazy reason, I figured that in 1990 we must have a few females and minority groups represented in one end of the business or another. But Greenberg's article did not mention one female or ethnic group in any facet of the industry--no writers, no agents, no producers, nobody. Was there no one who suggested to your writer that in the year 1990 he might be able to find a few newly successful female or minority writers?
August 7, 1996
Ignore, for the moment, William Wilson's review of "The White House Collection of American Crafts" (" 'White House' Stands Too Much on Ceremony," Calendar, July 6). I take exception to the caption beneath the accompanying photo of Zachary Oxman's work. A "bronze, granite and marble cast with candles"? Have you never heard of a menorah? Perhaps the title of the piece, "A Festival of Light," could have given you a clue as to its strange and apparently bizarre use during Hanukkah? Mislabeling an object, whether ethnic, religious or merely decorative, does a disservice to your readers and to the ethnic group, religion and/or culture depicted.
May 2, 1999
Is it Agustin Gurza's intent to make the Mexican American community just another ethnic group? His April 6 column certainly seems to imply that. Instead of his writing that the Serbs have captured three Americans, his thoughts were that they captured two of our own. What happened to Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Stone? Unfortunately for Stone, his ethnic background is English, and Gurza has no feeling for that ethnic group. The military is probably the most integrated organization in the United States.
November 7, 2011 | By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times/For the Booster Shots blog
The first-ever survey of adolescent alcohol and drug abuse to recognize youths of mixed race or ethnicity has found that such kids hover closest to white adolescents in the rate at which they suffer substance abuse disorders. That is not reassuring, because white adolescents are among the most likely ethnic and racial groups to have substance-use disorders. Of all ethnic groups, Native Americans were found to suffer the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse and dependence -- about 15% in a given year.
February 13, 1989
Here are ways that parents can help to prepare children to confront prejudice and discrimination. These suggestions have been compiled from resources listed on Page 28. 1. BUILD AND NURTURE YOUR CHILDREN'S SELF-ESTEEM EVERY DAY. Set aside a minimum of 10 minutes each day for uninterrupted, supportive time with them. Identify and praise their unique qualities. Build a minimum of 10 positives into your conversation every day.
December 31, 1988
Your editorial "Chaos at the Border" (Dec. 19) correctly identified a chaotic situation, but as usual when it comes to illegal alien and immigration issues, you found the wrong problem and the wrong "solution." In response to the growing number of illegal aliens from Central America crossing into Texas you advocate that the United States grant them "special immigration status that would allow these desperate people to remain in this country until the turmoil in their homelands ends."
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