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September 2, 1997
Now I know why we can't win the war on drugs. Half of our elected officials are on the stuff and the other half makes excuses for them. PETER W. VASILION Palos Verdes Estates
May 15, 1992
Where has our President been . . . in the same supermarkets that do not have scanners? He is now reaching back to the Johnson Administration to make excuses for the social ills that have brought about civil unrest in Los Angeles. Mr. President, from which party and political philosophy were the last five of six presidents? Who has been in power in the White House for the past 12 years? Enough excuses and finger-pointing, Mr. Bush; let's get down to business, stop the political rhetoric and, for a change, address the realities of the day. Real people are suffering.
March 31, 1991
Just a note to say how much I appreciate the actions of your police chief and several of your policemen. Of course their actions and excuses are despicable, but think how much better it makes us in Birmingham, Ala., feel--well, just a little better--about our sins of the 1960s. OLIVER ROOSEVELT, Birmingham, Ala.
April 22, 2000
Hey, here's an idea. Instead of reporting all the tennis tournaments that the Williams sisters won't be playing in, why not just report the ones they will be playing? The list will be shorter and we won't be subjected to the endless array of lame excuses of two of the premier teenage head cases in tennis. JAMIE GOODMAN Los Angeles
February 14, 1992
It was refreshing to read about Mahony's proposal of an improved code for filmmaking. I admire his courage in coming out on this great need. Next day comes the wails of criticism from the writers and filmmakers' organization. Of course the only excuses they can offer for their low-grade output are "freedom of expression" and that it sells. Therefore the sponsors and viewers must share the blame. DOROTHY AXTELL Los Angeles
May 2, 1993
The Monster article sets the L.A. Times Magazine and Wallace apart by offering no redeeming journalistic qualities while achieving new heights of bad taste. This convicted felon is being glorified for offering excuses for criminal behavior. With your enthusiastic backing, his book will serve as a chairman's manual for others bent on venting their anger and frustration with violence. GEORGE ANDERSON Los Angeles
November 24, 2002
Re "Sports Agent Steinberg's Firm Awarded $45 Million," Nov. 16: Now, let me get this straight: Leigh Steinberg excuses his alcoholic escapades by noting that George W. had alcohol problems (especially while he was a legacy at Yale), and now he's president. And this is supposed to make me feel better about him and this country? God help us all. Ron Halpern Siros Laguna Niguel
June 1, 1985
The Dodgers' PR and publicity department do not get enough credit for the great job they are doing, selling this bunch of misfits to the fans. Dodger Stadium is full, game after game, with Lasorda giving excuses and Campanis saying, "be patient." I think both should be traded and start fresh. Peter O'Malley is the one whose patience must be wearing thin. STEVE URBANOVICH Burbank
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