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March 9, 2010
Dear Amy: I recently visited my parents and my 27-year-old brother, who is living with them. He earned a dual degree in business and marketing in May and has been unemployed ever since. I asked him how he pays his bills with no job, and he told me "the magic bill-paying fairies" take care of it. Not only have my parents been paying his bills, but they also make excuses for why he doesn't have a job. They do not understand that they are stunting his growth by eclipsing his responsibilities.
March 7, 1988
I have been reading newspapers from top to bottom for years, and I have yet to come across articles so disturbing as the murder of Dennis Jurgens. Even though the events took place in 1965, it is inconceivable to me that such a crime could go unpunished when so many people were involved. It is easy for everyone to make excuses for not assuming responsibility because it was a different time back then. The reality is there can never be any excuses for the horrendous crime of a child's murder now or at any other time in our past.
August 25, 2003
Re "Why Gas Prices Suddenly Shot Up," Aug. 19: Here we go again. Each year we get a quick spike in gasoline prices along with the same old excuses for the highway robbery. Remember the last time gas prices spiked? Refineries were down for repairs, a fire in a refinery, a sudden rise in crude prices, a disruption in a pipeline from anywhere to anywhere. One big gripe that I have is that the media go along by mouthing the refineries' (read cartel's) excuses. Why cannot the people who dream up the excuses think of something new, like sun spots or the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole?
July 29, 2006
Arte Moreno has made great moves as the owner of the Angels. One move I'm still waiting for is to replace Steve Physioc and the "Wonder Dog" Rex Hudler in the television booth. The Stoneman-esque stance Moreno has taken with them may lead the young fans the Angels have recruited to think that television commentary consists solely of making excuses and giving false hope for a team that, more often than not this season, has been mediocre at best. KEVIN LU Alhambra
February 22, 1998
Why should Rep. Jay C. Kim (R-Diamond Bar) resign? Has he done such a terrible job as a congressman? I think not. Let's not push him out of office as your Feb. 13 editorial suggests. Give him some credit for being forthright and admitting his guilt instead of making excuses or lying like so many other politicians do when caught. Besides, they do worse things than raising campaign funds, according to The Times! Your editorial seems unfair concerning Kim. CHANAI KISHABA Fountain Valley
March 10, 1990
In the world of sports franchises, there always will be winners and losers. Take the Clippers. The players have taken the cowardly way out and blamed their coach for the current state of affairs. Don Casey deserves the good-conduct medal for putting up with consistently mediocre performances. The main reason the Clippers can't win is lack of talent, and it would be refreshing if The Times' reporters would recognize this fact. Forget all the other excuses. BILL RETCHIN, La Quinta
December 27, 1986
If it is evident that the President of the United States lied to the world about his stance on terrorism, then why are we finding it so difficult as a nation to believe that he is similarly lying about having approved the arms shipments? Why are we willing to believe that he did not, even to the point of dreaming up excuses about his being on drugs, for the sake of preserving the Presidency which, in this instance, has been destroyed through no fault of our own? IVAN M. HOFFMAN Los Angeles
October 12, 1990
The outrage expressed by the Dartmouth students and president seems a little too late. The extraordinary thing is that it was allowed to go on so long with people just tsk-tsking and looking askance. When good people let bad people get away with either distancing themselves (William Buckley, Pat Buchanan, R. Emmett Tyrrell) or making mealy-mouthed excuses (Review trustee Dinesh D'Souza, editor-in-chief Pritchett), the unthinkable can happen. The only difference between Nazism and "Reviewism" is the nature of the weapons.
June 28, 1992
What is wrong with you, Los Angeles? Why are you trying to rebuild the city without using residents of the riot area? My father is a general contractor. He is also an African-American. He has faced racism for 40 years in his profession and has survived. No one in the black community wants to hear that after 40 years he is unqualified to do work in his community. We are tired of excuses. We want results. Face it Los Angeles, if you want peace, if you want to rebuild, then you must incorporate some brown faces into the program.
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