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May 24, 2013 | By John Horn
Amanda Bynes was released from custody Friday following her arrest on charges of reckless endangerment, marijuana possession and tampering with evidence after allegedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window in New York. The "Easy A" actress claimed the piece of glass was actually “just a vase,” not a drug-smoking device. "My client completely denies illegally throwing anything out of her window," said her attorney, Andrew Friedman. Bynes' somewhat inconsistent defense, which for now we'll take at face value, soon could place her in the pantheon of most-creative show business excuses.
May 22, 2013 | Bill Dwyre
It was two years ago that IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand made a career-defining move at the Brickyard. But it's not the one you think. Hildebrand, a rookie from Sausalito, Calif., entered the last turn of the last lap of the Indianapolis 500. Astonishingly, he was the leader. More astonishing were the events that followed. He came up too fast on a slowing Charlie Kimball, then tried to go around on the high side, where loose debris settles after hours of being blown there by cars going 200 mph. Hildebrand didn't make it. He hit the wall, Dan Wheldon passed him to win the race and Hildebrand, right side smashed, limped home in second place.
May 16, 2013 | By Gary Goldstein
There may be potential juice in the story of "The Second Meeting," which involves two wartime enemies who later forge a peaceful trans-Atlantic friendship. But writer-producer-director Zeljko Mirkovic's clunker of a documentary demands a full narrative and editorial rethink. In 1999, an American F-117A stealth bomber piloted by Lt. Col. Dale Zelko, was shot down over Serbia by Yugoslav missile officer Zoltan Dani. Zelko parachuted to safety and Dani became a national hero. Twelve years later, family men Zelko and Dani visit each other in their home countries (how this came about goes unexplained)
April 6, 2013
After Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) used "wetbacks" in an interview last week to describe the migrant workers who were once employed on his family's farm in California - and quickly apologized for uttering the slur - - The Times published an article Wednesday rehashing the history of the term and weighing the varying degrees of offense it causes. Although the slur is widely regarded as verboten, according to the story, some aren't offended when other Latinos use the Spanish word for "wetback.
April 3, 2013 | By The Times editorial board
If a student cheats on an important test, such as a midterm, he is punished, and rightly so. His teacher doesn't merely brush aside the offense and blame it on all the stressful and unnecessary high-stakes tests that today's unfortunate students are required to take. Yet every time an educator is caught in a test-cheating scandal, the teachers union response is as predictable as 2 plus 2: Of course cheating is wrong, but what else can we expect when policymakers stress achievement on standardized tests - and especially when, as in this case, there were financial bonuses attached to higher scores?
March 22, 2013
Re "Five guilty in Bell," March 21 The jury in the first city of Bell corruption trial has found five of the six defendants, all former council members, guilty on numerous charges and is undecided on other counts. Throughout the trial, the defendants denied their guilt, blaming their actions on the influence of former City Manager Robert Rizzo. They may have a point, but it is no excuse for not governing responsibly. Their defense is an admission of unfitness for holding office in the first place.
February 5, 2013 | By Sam Farmer
John Harbaugh was a bit sheepish about his emotional outbursts at officials in Super Bowl XLVII, but his combustible younger brother said Tuesday he didn't regret his own eruptions of emotions. "We fight to win," San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh said in his season-capping news conference at 49ers headquarters. "And if you're asking does my personal etiquette need to be changed, more catatonic on the sideline? I don't anticipate that happening. " Jim Harbaugh was particularly upset about a pivotal play at the end of the game, when he felt receiver Michael Crabtree was held by Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith on fourth and goal from the Baltimore five-yard line.
December 28, 2012 | By Sam Farmer
Former Detroit Lions tackle Lomas Brown says he regrets the incident in 1994 when he intentionally missed a block to get his own quarterback, Scott Mitchell, hurt badly enough that he would be forced to leave the game. Brown made the startling admission in an ESPN radio interview last week, sparking a controversy that had Mitchell calling Brown “reprehensible.” "I know I played well over 18,000 plays … in this league,” Brown said this week on ESPN's "First Take. " “It's one play out of the 18,000 that I regret.
December 12, 2012 | By Mike Bresnahan
NEW YORK - If there's one guy on the Lakers you don't want to irritate, it's Metta World Peace, in case his 10 NBA-imposed suspensions since 2003 don't sledgehammer home the point. But in a quiet corner of the Lakers locker room Tuesday night, World Peace had something to say about all the Lakers' injuries. He wasn't as irritable as Coach Mike D'Antoni, who challenged a reporter's assertion that the Lakers didn't work much on defense before their 100-94 loss to Cleveland. Nor was World Peace as succinct as Dwight Howard - "We're sick of losing" - or as red-flag waving as Kobe Bryant, who said this was one of the most baffling stretches of his career.
October 14, 2012 | By Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times
NEW DELHI - Politics, an official's controversial comments about rape, and an upcoming election. This may sound like a senatorial race in Missouri, but it's all part of a scandal that's unfolded in India over the last week. The anger, introspection and frustration among women's groups and social critics, however, have echoed American reaction to recent suggestions by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) that women's bodies are able to prevent pregnancy in the event of "legitimate rape. " The issue hit the headlines here when a 16-year-old girl committed suicide in the northern state of Haryana this month after being raped.
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