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Exocet Missile

November 14, 1987 | Associated Press
Iraq's air force reported attacks on five vessels during a "massacre" of ships in Iranian waters and sank a salvage tug Friday while apparently trying to hit a supertanker for the third time in two days. Persian Gulf shipping executives said two crewmen were reported killed and four were wounded when an Exocet missile hit the tug Friday morning. Lloyd's Shipping Intelligence Service, based in London, said the tug "subsequently sank." It was owned by the Semco Co.
May 16, 1986 | From Times Wire Services
A telephone call during the 1982 Falklands War by the captain of the British frigate Sheffield prevented it from operating its anti-missile defenses against an Exocet missile attack by an Argentine warplane that sank the ship with the loss of 20 crewmen, the Defense Ministry said Thursday.
July 9, 1985 | Associated Press
A fully laden Turkish supertanker was set afire by a missile in an Iraqi air strike today, forcing the crew to abandon ship and posing a massive pollution threat to the Persian Gulf, shipping sources said. Lloyd's of London's Shipping Intelligence Department said the 392,799-ton M. Vatan was the largest ship attacked since the Iran-Iraq war began in September, 1980.
April 21, 1985 | United Press International
Britain's Princess Diana, displaying the strong will for which she is known, upset Italian officials Saturday by insisting on seeing top-secret NATO equipment aboard an Italian navy frigate. "There is a trace of (Britain's) first Queen Elizabeth in her," Italian Defense Minister Giovanni Spadolini remarked.
January 14, 1988 | From Times Wire Services
American and Soviet warships have participated in a joint effort to locate and destroy a mine in the Persian Gulf, raising the possibility of greater cooperation in protecting merchant shipping in the vital waterway, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), said Wednesday. Specter told reporters in Bahrain that the guided missile cruiser Richmond K. Turner and an unidentified Soviet minesweeper cooperated Jan. 5 in locating and destroying a mine.
May 28, 1987 | United Press International
The Iraqi pilot who hit the U.S. frigate Stark with two missiles told his government he did not hear any radioed warnings from the vessel before firing his weapons, a congressman investigating the incident said today. Rep. Bill Nichols (D-Ala.
The Pentagon's intelligence agency has concluded in a secret report that the acquisition of LTV's missile business by French-owned Thomson would pose an unacceptable risk to U.S. national security, according to testimony at a congressional hearing Thursday. The disclosure comes amid an increasingly contentious lobbying campaign by Thomson and by the losing bidders for the LTV unit, Lockheed and Martin Marietta.
June 6, 1987
This is a letter I should have written nine years ago when leaving the Navy, unfortunately (and before the Stark) no one would have cared then. In 1974 I graduated from 60 weeks of naval technical training on surface-to-air missile systems and was assigned to the USS Oklahoma City. Upon arrival in the fleet I found my technical skills to be of little value. Specifically, a "cannon mentality" prevailed with the brass who have no understanding of the requirements to maintain a modern weapons systems.
January 12, 1988 | From Reuters
Iraq ended a 10-day lull in the Persian Gulf shipping war as its jets mounted new raids on Iranian oil tankers, dampening hopes of Syrian-brokered efforts to defuse tension in the region. Gulf-based shipping officials said an Iraqi jet fired an Exocet missile into the 280,476-ton tanker Khark 3 on Sunday night, shortly after the vessel left Iran's Kharg Island oil terminal near the northern end of the waterway.
March 27, 1985 | From Times Wire Services
Iraqi warplanes struck Tehran on Tuesday, killing nine people in the ninth air attack on the Iranian capital this month, Iran said. Missile-firing Iraqi jets also hit at least one civilian ship in the Persian Gulf. Invading Iraqi planes swept over the Iranian capital at 1:30 a.m., firing at least one rocket into the city before returning to their base, Iran's official news agency reported.
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