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September 13, 1997
Robert Pinget, 78, a Swiss-born writer who became a leading figure in France's Nouveau Roman movement. A prolific author, Pinget published more than a score of novels, plays, essays and collections of short stories after his first book appeared in 1951. He was known for rich use of dialogue and exploration of gossip. In reviewing Pinget's 1983 book "That Voice," a Times reviewer noted: "The work is rich in images that, like snatches of overheard conversation, stick to the linings of memory."
June 16, 1987
The Times deserves to be congratulated on its perceptive editorial (May 26) urging a joint U.S.-Soviet expedition to explore the planet Mars. As you pointed out, the Soviet Union recently made public its plans to send to the red planet the most ambitious planetary exploration ever conceived by man. There is no excuse for the United States to stand idly by and watch our position as the world leader in the exploration of outer space erode while...
May 7, 1986 | RALPH FRAMMOLINO and JENIFER WARREN, Times Staff Writers
The San Diego City Council has become the first brick in what it hopes will become a wall of resistance against offshore oil and gas exploration in San Diego County, voting to place a measure on the November ballot banning any onshore pipelines and refineries along the city's coastline. The council voted unanimously to ask San Diego voters on Nov.
February 5, 2012 | By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times
The Miseducation of Cameron Post A novel Emily M. Danforth Balzer & Bray: 480 pp.: $17.99, for readers age 14 and up There's something about the open spaces of the Great Plains that make the exploration of nascent homosexuality even more alienating and risky than the same experience in a big city or suburb. At least that's the story detailed in Emily Danforth's young adult debut, "The Miseducation of Cameron Post," a book that reads like a literary response to the Katy Perry hit "I Kissed a Girl" if it took place under a big Montana sky. Cameron Post is just 12 when she kisses her best girl friend on a dare - ostensibly as practice for future liaisons with boys.
September 6, 2006 | From the Associated Press
French oil and gas field surveyor Compagnie Generale de Geophysique plans to buy U.S. rival Veritas DGC Inc. for $3.1 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced Tuesday, establishing a major new global player in the booming oil exploration industry. Geophysique and Houston-based Veritas said both boards had unanimously approved the deal to create CGG-Veritas.
May 30, 2013
SCIENCE The Cancer Chronicles Unlocking Medicine's Deepest Mystery George Johnson Knopf, $27.95 After his wife was diagnosed with a metastatic cancer, New York Times science writer Johnson embarked on an intense and comprehensive exploration of the history - and future - of cancer. (August) A Short History of Nuclear Folly Mad Scientists, Dithering Nazis, Lost Nukes, and Catastrophic Cover-Ups Rudolph Herzog Melville House, $26 The author and son of filmmaker Werner Herzog presents a sardonic, little-known history of misguided, accidental and irresponsible uses of nuclear technology.
March 20, 2005
Re "Senate Votes for Drilling in Arctic Refuge," March 17: The federal government is moving to solve our energy problems once again. First we invaded Iraq and now we are going to "develop" the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge so we have plenty of oil, for now. Oil is a finite resource that will eventually be expended. Why is there a dearth of visionaries running the federal government? Would not the most intelligent course of action be to develop other sources of energy while some oil still exists?
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