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March 2, 2014 | By E. Scott Reckard
Southern California home building is stuck at historic lows, one of many factors conspiring against middle-class buyers in a recovery marked by high prices and low supply. Despite explosive price gains last year, builders and their Wall Street financiers remain hesitant to make big bets on the rebound. The slow construction is among many hurdles facing buyers seeking affordable homes. Cash-rich investors - many of them buying homes to rent out, rather than resell - have eaten into supply, especially at the lower end of the market.
February 21, 2014 | By Ronald D. White
With America's new oil boom forcing more and more crude onto long trains to make up for inadequate pipeline capacity, Warren Buffett's BNSF has opened bids to buy 5,000 safer transport cars. The move follows a series of high-profile rail accidents and spills, including a July derailment that killed 47 in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Another rail oil tank car incident in February dumped 4,500 gallons of crude in Pennsylvania. Bids will be put out to several tank car manufacturers, according to Roxanne Butler, a spokeswoman for BNSF.
February 20, 2014 | By Gary Goldstein
Part sword-and-sandal spectacle, part disaster epic, "Pompeii" accomplishes its ambitious agenda to largely engrossing effect. Sure, it's not the brainiest of outings, but director Paul W.S. Anderson (the man behind four of the "Resident Evil" films) keeps the action apace and the lava a-flowing with workmanlike energy and sufficient visual dazzle. Set in AD 79, immediately before and during the cataclysmic eruption of southern Italy's Mt. Vesuvius, the script by Janet Scott Batchler & Lee Batchler and Michael Robert Johnson places a star-crossed romance at the center of one of the ancient world's most legendary calamities.
February 13, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
Two people were injured after a Kentucky natural-gas line exploded and sparked a blaze early Thursday morning, setting homes on fire and leaving a large crater, officials said. Columbia Gulf Transmission LLC, which runs the pipeline that runs near the small town of Knifley, said the company detected a "drop in pressure" on the gas line at 1:05 a.m. Central time. The two victims were treated and released from the hospital by 8 a.m., the company said in a statement, adding that the cause of the "rupture" was under investigation.
February 13, 2014 | By Matt Pearce
A Tennessee woman whose husband died in a mysterious explosion in their home earlier this week has succumbed to her injuries from the apparent bombing, officials said Thursday. Marion Setzer, 72, died at a Nashville hospital Wednesday evening, two days after her husband, Jon Setzer, 74, was killed in the blast at their Lebanon home. Investigators tied the blast to an "unknown package" that had apparently been delivered to the home. Jon Setzer was a retired attorney who reportedly handled bankruptcy cases.
February 11, 2014 | By Michael Muskal
Tennessee and federal officials are investigating an explosion that killed a former lawyer and injured a woman after a package sent to his rural home exploded. In a televised news conference on Tuesday, officials including Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan said they were offering an $8,000 reward for information about the blast, which occurred about 8 p.m. Monday near Lebanon, Tenn. “We are in preliminary stages in this investigation,” Bryan said. “There is limited information we can give.” “We have been here all night since yesterday, running leads,” said Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.
February 8, 2014 | By Jim Peltz
Ron Capps awoke Saturday and promptly saw his phone was "lit up" with calls and text messages, he said. "I thought maybe something bad had happened. " What had happened the day before certainly wasn't good. A day earlier, the 7,000-horsepower engine on Capps' 300-mph NHRA funny car had exploded near the finish line at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona. Pieces of the engine flew off, as did the top of the car's carbon-fiber body, leaving a shaken Capps exposed as the car rolled to a stop.
February 5, 2014 | By Joe Mozingo
The "chef" hunkered over a batch of hash oil he was making in a kitchen in Redondo Beach, using a common but extremely dangerous method known as "open blasting. " The 26-year-old meticulously stirred and heated the marijuana extract into the highest clarity, slowly producing "butane honey oil" that would be as clear and pure as amber. This potent type of hash, also called "wax," has taken off in the marijuana market with the rise of electronic cigarettes and other vaporizing devices.
January 20, 2014 | By Michael Muskal
An industrial accident in Omaha sent at least 10 workers to the hospital and killed some when an animal feed plant collapsed after an apparent explosion, officials said Monday. Interim Omaha Fire Chief Bernie Kanger said at an afternoon news conference: "There are fatalities ... we have moved to recovery mode. " Earlier, Kanger said he was not sure how many workers might be trapped in the International Nutrition plant, where an explosion, fire and building collapse were reported about 10 a.m. The chief said that as many as 38 employees were in the building and that some might be trapped in what he described as a dangerous area.
January 20, 2014 | By Michael Muskal and Matt Pearce
An Omaha plant that produces animal nutritional supplements partially collapsed after an explosion Monday, injuring several employees and perhaps trapping others. In a tweet, local police said: “#OPD praying for workers and families of all involved in this industrial accident.” Local media reported that there was an industrial explosion and fire at International Nutrition near South 76th and F streets around 10 a.m. local time. Television images showed smoke rising from the building.
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