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F Grades

March 23, 1986
Part of board member Goldberg's argument for the change was based on children coming to school with headaches and stomach aches caused by the fear of that awful "F." I've taught more than 1,000 students and many did come into visit me before school with stomach aches. As they ate their candy bar washed it down with a Coke for breakfast, I tried to convince them their stomachs might feel better with a bowl of cereal or toast and milk instead. I seriously doubt that giving a student who has failed to make even minimum standards an "N" rather than an "F" is going to erase the headaches in education.
April 21, 1994 | SUSAN BYRNES
Four San Fernando Valley high schools may have found an antidote to the disease of truancy that has plagued schools since their existence: an F. According to preliminary figures, attendance rates have improved markedly at four schools where policies allowing teachers to fail students who miss a fixed number of days in class were implemented last year.
May 31, 2012 | By Maeve Reston
It may be early in the general election contest for the White House, but Mitt Romney has not been pulling punches in his assessment of President Obama in recent weeks - and he was blunt when asked Thursday to grade Obama's first term. “Oh, an 'F,' no question about that,” Romney told CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford. “Across the board.” Crawford pressed the former Massachusetts governor about whether he would hold to that rating of Obama even after the targeted killing of Osama bin Laden.
April 4, 1989 | ELAINE WOO, Times Education Writer
At least 23 Jordan High School students were given Fs in many classes last semester in "retaliation" for charges that the school was unsafe and academically unsound, a group of parents alleged Monday. Charges that the Los Angeles Unified School District has "illegally retaliated" against the students were made in a complaint filed Monday with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights.
April 1, 1985 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
Not since "The Heretic" tried to follow up "The Exorcist" has there been so dismal a sequel as "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment" (Citywide). "Police Academy" was such a good belly laugh that it's painful to watch Steve Guttenberg and its other talented graduates shot down by the sheer wretchedness of "Their First Assignment," which finds them sent to a Skid Row precinct to help rid the area of gang warfare.
February 16, 1996
The critics' view of the charter school movement is interesting. It goes something like this: Take the most recent set of standardized test scores; point out the predictable fact that some students haven't improved, or have even declined, and suggest that the whole effort might be a waste of time. Of course, that is ridiculous. The approximately 100 schools around the state that have been freed from most state and local regulations have launched a variety of programs.
June 7, 1991 | Tony Perry
Do you speak educator-ese? Do you love the sound of buzzwords in the morning? If so, check this out: "Learner empowerment, personalized experiences to make learning meaningful, and continuous progress/success can prevent and remediate student learning problems at all levels. At the senior high level, learner-centered instruction to support educational engagement and a sense of school membership are critical to dropout prevention."
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