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January 12, 1986 | Associated Press
Ezra Taft Benson, ordained president of the Mormon Church two months ago, suffered a fainting spell Saturday and was admitted to LDS Hospital, a church spokesman said. "He is in good condition, alert and smiling, and saying that he wants to go home," spokesman Jerry Cahill said. Benson's physician, cardiologist Allen Barker, has not determined what caused the fainting spell, and ordered him to undergo tests, Cahill said.
January 22, 1985 | From the Associated Press
Seven members of the television studio audience fainted during the Phil Donahue show on Monday, forcing the talk-show host to evacuate the studio of everyone but his guests, crew and staff, according to a spokeswoman for the show. Spokeswoman Penny Rotheiser said that those who passed out apparently had had little or no breakfast and were heavily dressed because of the sub-zero temperatures outside. Temperatures in the studio were in the mid-70s, she said.
March 3, 1990
Race car driver Davey Allison was hospitalized after fainting at North Carolina Motor Speedway in Rockingham, N.C., Friday. Allison, 29, son of longtime NASCAR star Bobby Allison, collapsed after a playful wrestling match with a crew member during a rain delay at the track. He quickly regained consciousness and was checked at the track's infield care center.
November 6, 1997 | CHRIS CHI
Mayor Manuel Lopez remained hospitalized Wednesday as doctors tried to determine what caused him to feel faint earlier this week. Lopez, an optometrist, was at a colleague's office Monday when he had a severe dizzy spell and was taken by ambulance to St. John's Regional Medical Center. Doctors gave Lopez a battery of coronary tests but have not specified a cause for the episode. The mayor expects to go home today. "I felt really weak," Lopez said from his hospital bed.
September 27, 2011
Country singer Randy Travis was resting at home Monday after passing out on stage during a benefit concert in front of a roomful of doctors. The 52-year-old performer fainted in mid-song Sunday during an annual benefit for the Huguley Memorial Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The doctors who treated him at the scene said Monday that Travis was struggling with laryngitis because of chronic allergies and had taken several over-the-counter medications. —Associated Press New 'Red Dawn' to invade at last A remake of the 1984 invasion movie "Red Dawn" — with its villains now digitally modified from Chinese to North Korean — will finally hit American shores next year.
February 1, 2005 | Elise Castelli, Times Staff Writer
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) fainted while giving a speech Monday in Buffalo, N.Y., and her office said it was because of a stomach virus she may have contracted over the weekend. Clinton, 57, collapsed shortly after telling the audience at Buffalo's private Saturn Club that she felt ill. The club's general manager told Associated Press that Clinton walked out of the club on her own, but she did not complete her remarks on Social Security. "Sen.
October 20, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Tony Award-winning actor Richard Easton was recuperating at a hospital Thursday after he collapsed on stage during a preview performance of the Broadway play "The Coast of Utopia." Easton, 73, fainted on Wednesday at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater while making a dramatic exit near the end of the first act of Tom Stoppard's 2002 trilogy. The show was halted as Easton's costar, Ethan Hawke, asked for help from any doctors in the audience.
May 18, 1989
A New York City diamond dealer waiting for a flight home at Los Angeles International Airport collapsed in an airport bathroom and awoke to find that his briefcase, filled with $1.2 million in diamonds, had disappeared, police said Wednesday. Philip Pilikyan, 38, drank some cocktails in an airport bar Tuesday night and became ill, said Lt. Phil Roberts of the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division. "He had four drinks within a fairly short period of time," said Roberts, who added that Pilikyan went to a bathroom to splash water on his face but got dizzy, had trouble breathing and collapsed.
September 7, 1987 | DUNCAN STRAUSS
When it comes to concerts, Heart should either change its name or change its tune. At Irvine Meadows Saturday, there wasn't complete Heart failure, but the emotional pulse was pretty faint. As on record, the veteran band traverses the commercial rock spectrum, from wispy ballads to racing, metallic rockers. But on the former, the slick, synthesizer-heavy instrumentation kept things dull and soulless, while the passion of the latter was undercut by the bombast bursting in air.
June 11, 1986 | ROBERT SCHMIDT, Schmidt is a member of The Times library staff. and
I stepped out into the chilly April night air at 9,200 feet and admired the star-spangled vault above me. All my problems and worries lay far behind. I scanned the southern skies for my cosmic friend. Only cold points of light winked at me; nothing resembling a comet was visible. Where was Halley's comet? This moment had been a long time in coming--a very long time. When I was a child, I had gone outside every night, just before bedtime, to gaze at the dark and inscrutable sky.
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