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Fall Guy

August 27, 1988 | BARBARA ISENBERG, Times Staff Writer
Dan Goldberg was a kid when his grandmother took him to see "The FBI Story" with Jimmy Stewart, but he never forgot that motion picture experience. With the new film "Feds," Goldberg and his writing partner Len Blum set out to do unto the FBI what they'd done to summer camps and the U.S. Army in "Meatballs" and "Stripes." An Ivan Reitman film from Warner Bros., "Feds" opens Oct. 28, is directed by Goldberg, and stars Rebecca DeMornay and Mary Gross as FBI recruits.
June 10, 1988 | AMY STEVENS, Times Staff Writer
A studio mechanic and an assistant director who were injured during filming of an episode of "The Fall Guy" television series have agreed to a $1-million settlement of a suit, their lawyer announced Thursday. Attorney Jerry Kroll said his clients, former 20th Century Fox studio workers Bob Macleen and Frank Crawford, each will receive six-figure payments in addition to workers compensation already collected for injuries they sustained when a stunt vehicle went out of control.
August 30, 1985
A car being used in filming of a stunt for "The Fall Guy" TV series crashed into two cameramen and burst into flames this morning, seriously injuring three people, authorities reported. The stunt car, being filmed at about 11 a.m. on Woodley Avenue in Encino, jumped a ramp, flew over a parked truck and then hit the pavement hard about 100 feet from the truck. It was at that point that it swerved out of control, said witnesses, hitting the camera crew.
February 2, 1987 | BOB DROGIN and WILLIAM C. REMPEL, Times Staff Writers
Saying he is not going to be the "fall guy," Iranian arms broker Manucher Ghorbanifar complained angrily in his first interview with U.S. investigators that he is being blamed unfairly for the collapse of secret U.S. arms sales to Iran and the diversion of profits to the contras , The Times has learned.
August 19, 1985 | MICHAEL T. YAMAMOTO
--Two Timex watches were sent tumbling over Niagara Falls, and they kept on ticking. Not impressed? Consider the way they were packaged: in a specially engineered, padded barrel equipped with two-way radios and oxygen tanks--and carried inside by a 22-year-old bartender from Barrington, R.I., who became the first American to go over the Falls in 24 years and only the seventh person to survive the plunge.
June 4, 1987 | SARA FRITZ and KAREN TUMULTY, Times Staff Writers
Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams was warned by members of Congress on Wednesday that he seems to have been selected as one of the Reagan Administration's "designated fall guys" who will be forced to resign to pay for the Iran- contra scandal. In Abrams' second day of questioning by the Iran-contra committee, several members suggested that the brash assistant secretary for Latin American affairs was being "hung out to dry" by Administration officials. And Sen. David L.
October 19, 1985 | LEE MARGULIES
Plagued by dwindling ratings, "The Fall Guy" fell out of ABC's schedule Friday after a four-year run. The network, running third in the prime-time ratings, also withdrew the new series "Lime Street" but promised that it will return in a new time period "shortly after the first of the year." ABC said that "The Fall Guy" will be replaced at 8 p.m.
August 31, 1985 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
A stunt man was badly burned and two studio workers were seriously injured Friday when a flaming car slammed into a camera crew during filming in Encino of a scene for the television series "The Fall Guy." Witnesses said a cameraman was knocked onto Woodley Avenue by the impact and another crew member was carried more than 100 feet on top of the burning car before it careened into a cornfield in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area.
September 4, 1994 | JAMES RISEN
Last weekend, Roger Altman was back at his ranch in Wyoming's Jackson Hole, looking tanned and relaxed, entertaining friends like White House chief economist Laura D'Andrea Tyson and her family and planning a backcountry camping trip where the only white water he's likely to encounter will be on the Snake River. Altman, the deputy Treasury secretary who was forced to resign Aug.
May 20, 1987 | From Times Staff Writers
Following are excerpts from testimony Tuesday of Robert W. Owen, Lt. Col. Oliver L. North's "courier," on how he mingled arms and intelligence information for the contras, which Congress had sought to ban, with then-legal humanitarian aid.
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