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False Impression

February 5, 2014 | By Philip Hersh
There was an evening at the recent U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston when it felt like a time warp. The crowd for the Saturday night women's final, the marquee event at the nationals, made the big arena feel full. Even though the 13,980 in attendance fell about 3,000 short of the TD Garden capacity, it was the largest single-session crowd at the nationals since the 18,035 in Los Angeles for the women's final in 2002. TV ratings were up more than 20% over last year. "I feel skating is poised to make a huge comeback," 1992 Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie said.
July 21, 1992 | Associated Press
Many children find role models while watching TV--but the availability of jobs as ghostbusters and vampire hunters may be limited. A Florida State University study says most television programs give children a false impression of the working world. The study found that TV portrays too few people working and even fewer being rewarded for it. It also found that the jobs depicted do not represent the occupational makeup of the real world.
The Egyptian owners of Harrods said today they will ask a European court to clear them of allegations in a British government report that they lied during a bitter takeover of the exclusive London department store. A statement from Harrods' parent company, House of Fraser, said Mohamed Al Fayed, Salah Fayed and Ali Fayed will take their case to the European Commission of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, to seek a new ruling on the case.
March 15, 1988 | Associated Press
Mayor Edward I. Koch of New York wrote in an Israeli newspaper today that television cameras should be barred from the occupied territories. In a signed column published in the Jerusalem Post, Koch said that in view of what is happening elsewhere in the world, Israel would be justified in taking steps to bar TV crews from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. "Many other nations throughout the world are experiencing troubles similar to those now taking place in Israel.
September 20, 1990
I'm afraid you gave a very misleading and false impression of electric cars in your editorial. Here are the facts: 1) Although Detroit may not be producing electric cars, our small company is currently producing and selling them! 2) Our electric cars are not cumbersome, quite the contrary, they're fun to drive. 3) Our electric cars can easily run up freeway ramps and even maintain freeway speeds. 4) 90% of all second-car driving is under 21 miles per day, making today's electrics feasible for about half of all driving needs.
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