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Family History

November 2, 1994 | DAWN BONKER
If the task of organizing and transcribing family history interviews is too daunting, you can try an easier, scripted approach with one of several memory books available in bookstores. To ensure they actually get filled in, plan to make an afternoon or evening of it with your relatives. Here are a few to consider: * A series of memory books from HarperCollins, including "Grandfather Remembers" and "Dad Remembers." Includes such good topics as, "My worries about the future were. . . ."
June 26, 1999 | From Associated Press
A man who claimed he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his wife 44 times and held her head under water was convicted Friday of first-degree murder. Scott Falater, 43, stared straight ahead and did not react as the verdict was read in a Maricopa County Superior Court. He then hugged his stepfather and kissed his mother on the cheek. "It's not over yet," Falater said just before he left the courtroom.
June 1, 1998 | USHA LEE McFARLING
These recommendations are based on guidelines from the American Urological Assn., the American Heart Assn., the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Assn. (For personal advice, talk to your doctor.) * Physical Exam: A simple screening by a primary physician should be conducted every two years until a man turns 40 or 45, and then annually. * Prostate Cancer: a rectal exam and PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test each year after the age of 50.
April 28, 1990 | MARILYN PITTS, Marilyn Pitts is a free-lancer writer based in Santa Ana.
Nearly 400 years ago, Pedro Robledo left Mexico with the Juan de Ornate expedition, venturing into what is now New Mexico, to become one of the first settlers in that region. Today, his 13th-great-granddaughter, Pauline Chavez Bent, a genealogist who specializes in Latino history, travels uncharted terrain of a different nature, searching back through time to meticulously piece together her family's history.
September 11, 1987 | LIBBY SLATE
When Robert Stack attended the opening-night performance of "La Boheme" Tuesday in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center, the 68-year-old actor was more than just another of the opening-night glitterati. Stack and his family are historically connected to the popular Puccini work that launched the second home-grown season of Los Angeles Music Center Opera: It was Stack's grandfather who was responsible for the United States premiere of "Boheme" 90 years ago next month in Los Angeles.
September 29, 1985 | Lorenzo W. Milam, Milam is the author of several books on media, including "Sex and Broadcasting" and "The Radio Papers." and
Joshua Meyrowitz is not unlike our garrulous old Uncle Ferd, who told such fascinating stories about the politicians, the women, the kids, family history. He held us spellbound, all those Sundays around the hearth. It wasn't until we grew up that we found out that Ferd took most of his tales from other folks and that those he made up on his own weren't all that fascinating. That's the way "No Sense of Place" works.
May 13, 2012
Re "The sins of the father," Opinion, May 6 What a courageous man Les Gapay is to delve into his father's past in Hungary as a Holocaust perpetrator and share such heartbreaking revelations. I have been completing a birthday album for my 87-year-old mother of the nightmare events she endured as a Protestant girl in Berlin during World War II. I just located and added to her album the orders by two German generals who sentenced my mother to death by hanging in March 1945.
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