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August 3, 1991
Higher parking fees for fans attending Los Angeles Rams games at Anaheim Stadium are scheduled to go before the City Council for approval Tuesday. The city wants to raise parking fees from $5 to $6, a move that would bring an additional $106,000 to city coffers. The increase is expected to be approved since revenue from the higher fees has already been figured into the budget for fiscal 1991-92. The council also recently imposed similar parking fee increases for California Angels games.
May 2, 1992
Despite all his money and his business acumen, Bruce McNall has obviously never learned much about history. The history of hockey in the last 25 years is clear--you build championship teams through the draft, and not by trading for older players. We now have a team of over-the-hill, costly players who have supposedly "merited" huge increases in ticket prices, but who have also been humiliated in the playoffs. Once again, the Kings' ownership has dealt another crowning blow to the long-suffering hockey fans of Los Angeles.
July 20, 1985
I agree with last week's letter writer. Baseball fans in Los Angeles and across the country should go on strike or boycott a game. The fans are the ones who support the players and management, and nowhere in these negotiations have I heard any mention of the contributions made by the public, or the effect the strike would have on the spectators across the country. I see the players as little, spoiled, overpaid crybabies. They should get together and buy the Pittsburgh Pirates. Maybe then they would understand the other side of the coin.
October 11, 2003
With the preseason behind them, UCLA's football team is 1-0 in the Pac-10 after stomping 18th-ranked Washington. On the other side of town, preseason national champion candidate USC already has one noteworthy loss in conference play. How can this be, you ask? Could it be UCLA intelligently treated the preseason as a learning experience? Kudos to first-year Coach Karl Dorrell and his coaching staff. Who can argue the Bruins are not a much better team after the preseason's trials and tribulations?
March 19, 2005
News flash: Gary Bettman has canceled next year's hockey season, as well. Apparently, he was reacting to T.J. Simers' statement, "I'll write about hockey before I write another word about [horse] racing." On behalf of all hockey fans in Los Angeles, please tell us it ain't so, Simers. Carlo Fisco Marina del Rey Someone once said that horse racing "is a difference of opinion." Surely Jeff Mullins is entitled to his opinion on bettors. I have dealt directly with bettors for 47 years; there is some truth in his statements.
May 30, 1987
It is with much sadness that I learned of the departure of Dodger pitcher Tom Niedenfuer. He will be greatly missed by his many fans in Los Angeles. Besides being an outstanding pitcher, Niedenfuer has shown himself to be a person of high ethical and moral standards. With all the drug-related problems in the sports world, it is nice to have players such as Tom for role models for our children. The Dodgers have not only lost a great pitcher, but they will have to look hard to find individuals with the same capacity for tolerance and high moral character.
September 7, 1985
Once again you have insulted the intelligence of the hockey fans of Los Angeles. First, the Kings signed their first two draft choices this week and it was almost forgotten on the back page. Second, the chart listing salaries of famous, wealthy athletes significantly omitted Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers. Third, Scott Ostler's column on professional athletic prodigies overlooked Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ostler's animosity against the NHL is nothing new to those people who are used to his anti-hockey diatribes.
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