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June 17, 2010
The Boston Celtics, as any Lakers fan has undoubtedly noticed in the course of what has been one of the most satisfying NBA Finals in recent memory, have temper-control issues. A team featuring forward/center Rasheed Wallace, who holds the dubious NBA record for most technical fouls, and center Kendrick Perkins, who like Wallace has played in danger of suspension if he commits a seventh technical in the playoffs, is as likely to throw games away with its uncontrolled passion as it is to win them.
June 4, 1994
Angered by what they say is the prospect of an impasse in labor negotiations by Monday, a Police Protective League official said Friday that the union is preparing a new campaign that will include a search for embarrassing information about City Council members. "We are going to be soliciting adverse information on City Council members," said Geoffrey Garfield, union spokesman. "You'd be surprised at what cops know about people."
May 9, 1998
On behalf of all King fans in Los Angeles who actually know the game, I would like to respond to a letter written by Bob Nicolai of Calabasas in the May 2 issue. Mr. Nicolai states that the referee made the correct call and says, "Jamie Storr is outside the crease and tries to knock Geoff Courtnall off the puck, and for his trouble he got bumped into the net. Storr is now fair game since he is outside his crease." First of all, I was just wondering if Mr. Nicolai has ever actually seen a hockey game.
July 29, 1994 | STEVE SPRINGER
Wouldn't you know it? Raider Coach Art Shell attends a news conference in Barcelona and the first thing he's asked is if he hopes the Raiders might still return to Oakland some day. This is a subject the Raiders can't leave behind no matter how far they go. Playing the part of international diplomat Thursday, Shell said he "appreciated the fans in Oakland, but we are not looking to return as of now." Then he added: "We appreciate the fans of Los Angeles. L.A.
February 11, 1985 | SAM McMANIS
Clipper President Alan Rothenberg issued a statement Sunday supporting Marques Johnson, after a story in Saturday's Times reported that the Milwaukee Bucks did not inform the Clippers that Johnson had undergone treatment at a drug rehabilitation center 14 months before he was traded. Rothenberg's statement read: "Marques Johnson is an All-Star both as a player and as a human being. Despite his injuries this season, he has been our hardest-working player, a leader both on and off the court.
June 20, 1987
As a fan of Kareem's since his days at Power Memorial, I am moved to respond to Mike Downey's column (June 15). It was extraordinarily presumptuous and in error. To assert that he is the only fan of Abdul-Jabbar's in Los Angeles has to be an affront to most of the basketball fans in Los Angeles, not to mention the country. We have watched him grow from an angry child of the '60s into a thoughtful and mature adult. For many of us, his growth has mirrored our own and he feels like an old friend.
January 13, 1993
Televised hype has always been part of the days leading up to the Super Bowl, but this year Los Angeles residents will get an added dose--about 20 hours worth. The city has joined with the National Football League in offering four days of pre-Super Bowl promotions on the same cable channel that now broadcasts City Council meetings.
September 25, 2004
To think that Vin Scully will be followed by the tandem of Ross "Did you know that while the game is on, it's far more important to me to bore you with idiotic stats that make me feel well informed" Porter and Rick "I saved a flag once but that's about it. Oh, I make you wish Ross was back on" Monday is a crippling and horrible thought. While we have been blessed with one of the most special announcers of all time, we have to expect a drop of sorts when he retires. But one of this magnitude?
June 15, 1991
San Diego has a baseball, football, hockey and soccer team. What about basketball? San Diego has supported two basketball teams in the past but they were stripped away from us. It makes me upset to know that LA has two baseball, two football and two basketball teams. The fans in San Diego are just as supportive as the fans in Los Angeles. San Diego had the Clippers, but they moved them to Los Angeles. San Diego had the Rockets, but they were moved to Houston. I see in the paper that there are proposals to bring a team to San Diego but nothing is ever done about it. They say the Sports Arena in San Diego is too small to host a basketball team.
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