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July 1, 2008
Re "He's digging 'Farm,' " June 26 I read with interest that Barack Obama likes the Bob Dylan song "Maggie's Farm." May I suggest a Dylan lyric for John McCain to consider: "How many deaths will it take 'till he knows that too many people have died?" L. John Ernst Chatsworth
May 21, 1987
Your editorial (April 15), "Leaky Water Law," while containing some misconceptions, is well captioned. If the intent of the Reclamation Reform Act was, as you contend, to limit the eligibility of all farm operations to no more than 960 acres, then the law is truly leaky. The new law does set some limitations but leaves many farm ownership and management practices unrestricted. Your editorial notes that the law raised the entitlement limit for low-cost water to 960 acres in order to recognize reality without penalizing the "true family farm."
October 10, 2010 | By Shan Li, Los Angeles Times
The gig: Sharon Allen guides the strategy and overall direction of Deloitte, one of the country's big four accounting firms, in the position of board chairman ? a title she prefers to "chairwoman. " The 58-year-old executive spends 75% of the year flying around the country and the world, advising key clients and maintaining the company's visibility. With 37 years at the firm under her belt, she's a business veteran and the highest-ranking woman in the history of the big four. She also sits on the global board of directors of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.
November 2, 1997
Re "Pierce Must Balance Saving Its Past and Facing Its Future" Oct. 19. Even though I drive by Pierce College on a weekly basis, I had never paid much attention to the farm. I can say, though, that the land is not too attractive [and] seems out of place, with cars zooming by on Victory Boulevard. Neighbors may complain that they would rather have a farm [near] their homes than another mini-mall crowded with people, but will they put money and effort into keeping the farm as it is?
December 27, 1998
Re "Plans for Pierce Land Offered," Nov 18. What happened to the truth, the plain simple truth? Pierce College's land-use plan is not an attempt to destroy wild habitat or natural surroundings. On the contrary, it is an attempt to preserve it. Better known as the Multipurpose Academic Project (MAP), the plan to develop Pierce's open land is an act of dual preservation. Not only would the college be salvaged, but the farm and agriculture department would be far better preserved for future generations than it stands now. The MAP proposes not to destroy open land, but to allow it to flourish by revamping the agricultural department.
August 11, 1985
There is an irony in the two articles in the June 17 Business Section: "26,500-Acre Farm Threatened by Foreclosure" says that Bank of America (and Crocker Bank) has taken back much farm acreage and charged off millions of dollars in uncollectable farm loans; "Banks Rescheduled Panama's $633-Million Debt" says that Bank of America, as lead bank of a 13-member creditor committee for Panama's debts, will reschedule debts and make new loans. If our greedy bankers continue their childish games of pretending that foreign debts are valid and continue lending to protect interest payments, while destroying the farming backbone of America, we will, possibly in our lifetime, witness worldwide monetary failure and panic--and possible anarchy and revolution.
March 18, 2012 | By John Hoeffel
The family, spread across Illinois, picked a convenient location for a Sunday lunch to celebrate Kathy Sondgeroth's 59th birthday. Turns out, it was convenient for Mitt Romney too. When they found out Romney was campaigning at the restaurant, they held on to their table, which was right in front of a fake barn and also the photo-perfect backdrop for the Republican presidential front-runner. Romney, noticing they were celebrating a birthday, led the restaurant in singing. And when he left, he hoisted 7-month-old Stryder.
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