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November 11, 2007 | Emili Vesilind, Times Staff Writer
The vendors on Santee Alley are going underground with the good stuff -- the $300 knockoff designer handbags so close to the real thing, they could fool an Hermes salesgirl. Most of the bags displayed out in the open on downtown L.A.'s most infamous retail street (the No. 1 hub for counterfeit fashion goods in the U.S., according to the LAPD), are half-hearted, vinyl versions of "It" bags, crafted on the cheap in Chinese factories.
January 9, 1987 | MARY ROURKE
This city's reputation for sportswear and starlet wear is in good, young hands with the new crop of design talents now entering the fashion scene. They have gathered here from San Francisco, Washington, New York and Paris--even Bakersfield--consciously choosing Los Angeles over more Establishment fashion cities.
February 15, 1987 | MARY LOU LOPER, Times Staff Writer
Telephones are chiming and conversations are buzzing over Otis/Parsons Critics Awards Fashion Show on May 2 in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. The big news is that the Otis/Parsons board of governors headed by Elaine Goldsmith has a yes from James Galanos to receive its Design Achievement Award. Since the haute couturier is premier on the fashion scene, everyone is elated.
December 9, 1989 | MICHELE SEIPP, Seipp is a Beverly Hills free-lance writer
Caroline Vega and her roommate alternate using the kitchen, but neither of them is fighting for rights to the stove. She's a student of fashion design, he's a writer, and they both want dibs on the kitchen's picnic table. "I work on a wooden picnic bench that's set up in the kitchen. It's a big old mess," she says. "Yesterday John was typing, so today I'm sewing."
November 26, 2013 | By Adam Tschorn
The first thing you'll probably notice about Aitor Throup's 23-piece debut collection of apparel and accessories are the skulls -- one out-sized, hollow-eyed and upside down, rendered as a black backpack big enough for a laptop computer, the second a satchel of gray melton wool the size of a cantaloupe that unzips across the mouth. Then your eye will probably wander to the trousers that don't end at the ankle, continuing on instead into Kevlar-soled foot covers that make the pants look like a Goth-Ninja version of footy pajamas.
August 7, 1987 | DIANE REISCHEL, Times Staff Writer
Steven Fabrikant has the indelicate habit of equating women with buildings. Fashion design, the 34-year-old says, "is not much different from doing a high-rise. They're both dealing with the same sort of proportions." The slim New Yorker in a skinny tie stood on Wilshire Boulevard pointing to various office towers. Then he turned to a model wearing one of his knits: "Now doesn't that look like a building?" Not the usual designer chat. But Fabrikant isn't about to shed his roots.
September 24, 2012 | By Susan Denley
Music star and fashion design aspirant Kanye West reportedly will not show a collection during Paris Fashion Week because his last two offerings were not well-received by critics. [WWD] When Allison Williams of HBO's "Girls" strolled the Emmy's red carpet in an emerald Oscar de la Renta on Sunday, it was the culmination of a year of preparation, with stylist Christina Ehrlich, for her big-time fashion debut. [WWD] Sophia Vergara wore a slinky Zuhair Murad dress on the Emmys' red carpet, but she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the zipper burst, leaving more of her backside exposed than expected.
The chicken potpie established an aura of comfort and camaraderie at the Divine Design '96 gala Sunday night. The dinner was the same menu served that day by Project Angel Food to more than 800 homebound men, women and children living with AIDS.
March 25, 1988 | MARY ROURKE, Times Staff Writer
It was supposed to be the season Moscow stormed Manhattan: Viyacheslav (Slava) Zaitsev, the favorite Soviet designer of Raisa Gorbachev, wife of Soviet leader Mikail Gorbachev, took his massive couture collection to New York last fall and dropped it on the U.S. fashion industry. But it turned out to be a bummer. Not one item in Zaitsev's show was purchased by one American store buyer. Make a Comeback Since then, the designer has been gearing up to make a comeback.
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