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Fashion Designer

October 27, 1987 | ELIZABETH MEHREN, Times Staff Writer
One day before he was to present his first collection in this country, Raisa Gorbachev's favorite fashion designer said here Monday that fashion "is really the calling card of its time."
November 1, 2012 | By Robert Abele
London-born fashion designer Ozwald Boateng was made for cameras: his sleek frame, piercing good looks and vibrant personality make him his own best model for the dashingly colorful and classically cut mens' wear that has earned him his haute-couture status. It's not surprising, then, that Varon Bonicos' documentary "A Man's Story" - filmed over a period of 12 years - feeds off Boateng's energetic, charming manner as he darts around the globe putting on multimedia fashion shows, extending his brand and obsessing about work to the detriment of his marriage to the beautiful Russian model who bore his two children.
March 14, 2007 | Richard Winton, Times Staff Writer
Prominent fashion designer Anand Jon has been charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault involving three alleged victims, the youngest a 15-year-old girl, prosecutors said Tuesday. Beverly Hills police arrested Jon on March 6 after a woman said he raped her. The 33-year-old designer to the stars, whom Newsweek named one of the people to watch in its "Who's Next in 2007" issue, remains jailed.
August 18, 1994 | DAVID WHARTON
The leather can be stubborn. A heavy-tooling cowhide, it lies stiff and dull. "It is not a pretty leather," fashion designer Abel Villarreal says. "It is not delicate." But it suits Villarreal's purpose. He kneads with strong fingers and stitches with wide, flat lacing. Sometimes he reaches for a mallet and pliers, sometimes the point of an awl, to create an envisioned line or curve. The leather can feel as hard as granite. This is fashion as sculpture.
September 9, 2005 | Booth Moore, Times Staff Writer
When Beyonce was growing up in Houston, she wanted designer jeans like every other kid in America. But her mother, Tina Knowles, wouldn't have it. She said, "Wear your own name on your butt." "I was mad at her for a long time," Beyonce said in her dressing room at Staples Center last weekend, where she was curling her hair before the Destiny's Child concert. "She got us puff paint, glitter and rhinestones and said, 'Make it special yourself.' But she taught us to have our own identity."
June 22, 2011 | By Devorah Lauter, Los Angeles Times
  Fashion designer John Galliano testified in a Paris courtroom Wednesday that an addiction to pills and alcohol kept him from recalling any alleged use of anti-Semitic and racist slurs on two separate occasions at a Paris bar. The outbursts cost Galliano his job at Dior, where he was one of the fashion industry's brightest stars, and left him facing accusations that he used profanity and derogatory comments while violating French law prohibiting...
August 3, 2012 | By Sarah Delaney, Los Angeles Times
ROME - If French fashion designer Pierre Cardin gets his wish, construction could soon begin in Venice on a futuristic glass and metal building that at nearly 800 feet tall would dwarf the iconic bell tower and domes of St. Mark's Square. Cardin, who turned 90 in July, wants to honor his birthplace, San Biagio di Callalta, a small town close to Venice, with what may be his last big project. He has promised to raise the estimated $2.4 billion to build the proposed Palais Lumiere, or Light Palace - a three-sectioned illuminated tower - and is reportedly seeking investors.
The subdued Filipino monk in the flowing black robe suddenly becomes animated. He's talking about clothes. He has caused a stir in religious circles by designing a striking collection of Roman Catholic vestments, those pieces of liturgical clothing worn by priests. There are 50 vestments, all hand-woven by indigenous people of the Philippines and each with its own origin.
It's going to be a 1960s summer in Southern California. Indeed, an entire decade of disparate '60s styles has been squeezed into the upcoming fashion season. The looks range from trim A-line dresses like those worn by Jackie Kennedy to flower-festooned Mod Squad fare. Accessories include thigh-high patent leather boots, structured handbags, wide headbands, peace signs and Op Art prints.
September 8, 2011 | By Kim Willsher, Los Angeles Times
Fashion designer John Galliano was convicted on Thursday of hurling anti-Semitic insults in a Paris bar in two separate outbursts that cost him his job at the haute couture house of Christian Dior. The British-born designer was given a suspended fine of $8,400. While he was not required to pay the fine, the conviction leaves him with a criminal record. Galliano escaped a possible prison sentence after the panel of judges were told he had apologized to the victims of his insults, had "recognized he had a problem" with alcohol and prescription medication and had undergone treatment for his addictions.
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