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Fashion Show

July 14, 1985 | JODY JACOBS
At the box office, "Back to the Future" is scoring a solid hit. Equally successful, we're convinced, will be the Los Angeles Fashion Group's "Looking Back at a Futurist," a loving tribute to the extraordinary career of the late Rudi Gernreich, a futurist if there ever was one.
May 20, 1993
The Montebello Gang Diversion Task Force will have its second annual Youth Fashion Show on Sunday at the Wyndham Hotel in Commerce. Twenty-five high school students who participate in city gang-diversion programs will model clothes donated by merchants in the Montebello Town Center. Tickets are $25. A social hour begins at 11 a.m., lunch is at noon and the fashion show starts at 1 p.m. Proceeds from the show will benefit the gang-diversion task force.
November 22, 1991 | ROSE APODACA
Students at La Habra High School, working with the American Cancer Society/Orange County Unit, staged a fashion show Thursday to ask their peers to "Make a Fashion Statement, Don't Smoke," as part of the Great American Smokeout. About 20 students paraded on stage in casual dress and evening wear, some obviously timid about the cheers by their classmates. During presentation of each of the five collections, facts about the effects of tobacco use were weaved in with descriptions of the apparel.
August 15, 1993 | ERIN J. AUBRY
The Golden Steppers Senior Citizen Assn., a senior volunteer group sponsored by the city Housing Authority, will hold a benefit tea and fashion show today at 2:30 p.m. at Independent Square, 2455 South St. Andrews Place. The "Mad Hatter Tea Party" will feature live musical entertainment, a fashion show, refreshments and prizes for guests wearing the most fashionable and outrageous hats. Ron Carter Jr., a former player for the Lakers and other NBA teams, will be the emcee.
June 22, 1999 | LESLIE EARNEST, Leslie Earnest covers retail businesses for The Times. She can be reached at (714) 966-7832 and at
In contrast to the slinky sophisticates on a St. John Knits Inc. runway, the models at Wet Seal Inc.'s recent fashion show were all youthful exuberance. And attitude. As the music throbbed, "You will like my sense of style," they loped and strutted--one even skipped--down the runway, one model with curly pigtails, others with stick-straight locks. Their expressions shifted from sugar sweet to sullen, looks familiar to any parent.
March 21, 1986 | LINK MATHEWSON
There were no magic tricks during "Magic of Spring," the 24th annual fashion show presented by all 14 guilds of the Childrens Hospital of Orange County. But magic was clearly present but invisible in the smoothly run two-day event, the end result of eight months of strategy planning. The fashion show and luncheon debuted Wednesday at the Anaheim Marriott, then repeated for another sell-out crowd Thursday.
September 7, 1990 | KATHRYN BOLD, Kathryn Bold is a regular contributor to Orange County View.
As costume designer for the 1955 movie "The Seven-Year Itch," Bill Travilla found himself scratching his head over a troublesome scene. The script placed Marilyn Monroe in New York City on a hot, sticky summer day. Travilla had to figure out how best to show off Monroe's incredible beauty in the midst of all that gray ugliness. "I'm going to have my precious baby standing over a grate," he remembers thinking. "I want her to look fresh and clean."
March 25, 1987 | ELLEN APPEL
Choco, the teddy bear mascot of Childrens Hospital of Orange County, had good reason to kick up his paws at the hospital's "Silver Jubilee" fashion show and luncheon last week. The Anaheim Marriott was packed with 2,800 supporters Thursday and Friday for the 25th anniversary event. Proceeds were estimated at $160,000. The shows have raised more than $1 million since 1963, said chairman Andrea Northcote. To celebrate, 21 former fashion show chairmen attended Thursday's show.
First, models paraded in hats shaped like lemons with little green stems. Then came the cherry hats, and finally flamingos with enormous feather fans unfurled--just before the wheel of fortune costume, "Viva Las Vegas!" with a mass of flashing lights. Inspired by slot machines and blackjack, designer Bob Mackie literally brought down the house to see the Luminaires Juniors outrageous fashion production for the Doheny Eye Institute the other night.
May 13, 1990 | MARY LOU LOPER
Six were honored, but, in a way, so were millions of do-gooders. The Assistance League Mannequins' "Afternoon With Eve" may have been a fashion show (and Eve recipients couture-clad), but the message really was that voluntarism has keen rewards for everyone. Receiving crystal apples and taking bows before 600 at the tea/Saks show at the home of Sandra Moss this week, the six Eves spoke. Nancy Livingston: "We accomplish through friendships."
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