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Fat City

April 1, 1988 | SHEILA BENSON
**** "Fat City." RCA/Columbia. $69.95. PG. Vintage (1972) John Huston, this story of a pair of boxers, Tully (Stacy Keach) and 18-year-old Ernie (Jeff Bridges), eking out their lives in gyms and barrooms on the fringes of Stockton, hasn't an ounce of fat on it.
June 25, 2000 | SANDY BANKS
Researchers are calling it a public health crisis, an exploding "obesity epidemic." Californians, according to state health officials, are growing at an alarming rate . . . and they don't mean we're getting taller. One out of every two Californians is fat and almost one-fifth of us are dangerously obese. So put down that doughnut and look around. If it's not your spouse, your sister, your co-worker or your neighbor jiggling when they walk . . . chances are it's you.
January 13, 2003 | Bill Plaschke
It started before it started. Frank Middleton of the Oakland Raiders stomped to midfield just before kickoff Sunday, yanked off his helmet, and glared at the New York Jets. "One of their guys had been asking for me all week, so I let him know I was here," Middleton said. "The black guy. The fat guy. Number 73. Right here. Somebody want me? Come get me." Matt Turk, the Jet punter, asked Middleton to chill. Middleton got hotter.
September 5, 1990 | From Associated Press
An effort is under way to get people in the Iron City to stop eating like steelworkers. The state has joined 100 companies and two drug store chains in sponsoring the Pittsburgh Community Health Challenge, which will offer about 52,000 of the companies' employees and other members of the public a 10-week analysis of their eating habits.
July 29, 1986 | TOM GORMAN
We're coming up on America's Finest City Week, when we pat ourselves on the back for being a great place to live, work and vacation, Rand McNally notwithstanding. This year's civic party, sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, will run Aug. 16-24 and has, among other affairs, any number of opportunities to eat. There will be several conventional food offerings. Balboa Park will be turned into "The World's Greatest Home States Picnic" from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug.
He walked to the movie concession stand, warily eyeing the popcorn bin and its hot-buttered temptation. "I don't know if I should," said Brian Greene of Ventura, shaking his head. "It might kill me." "C'mon, you eat Big Macs, don't you?" Chris Pendergraft challenged from behind the counter at the Buenaventura theaters in Ventura. "Yeah," Greene said, hesitating. "Give me a medium. And can I get some extra salt on it?"
June 28, 2005 | Hugo Martin, Times Staff Writer
Scientists are surprised at the success of California's newest elephant seal colony thriving in a rocky cove near San Simeon, despite its proximity to zooming cars on Highway 1 and hordes of gawking tourists. In a tale of adaptation and opportunity, biologists say the herd produced 3,500 pups last winter, 16% more than the year before and a rate higher than at other colonies. Yet, the increase occurs in the shadow of intense human activity.
Tony Alcantar arrived at Santa Ana College last season with little fanfare. He was a solid-hitting first baseman who had taken a year off after graduating from Katella High. He was overweight and had not traveled the avenues one normally takes for success. There were no travel-ball or scout-league teams on his resume, just a couple of all-league selections in high school. As first basemen go, his type was a dime a dozen: hit for power, not much else.
July 6, 2005 | Laurie Winer, Special to The Times
When Daniel Negreanu gets a yen for a salad with chickpeas and peppers and hard-boiled eggs, it doesn't matter that it's not on the menu; the kitchen is happy to oblige. And if Jean Gluck wants her New York steak -- 12 ounces, crusted with cracked black pepper and seared in butter -- cut into bite-sized pieces, it will come cut into bite-sized pieces. These folks are not regulars at the Polo Lounge, nor are they aboard the QE2.
February 21, 1993 | TERESA WATANABE, Watanabe is a Times foreign correspondent based in Tokyo
Whomp! Grunt! Slap! It's 8 a.m. on a Friday. I am in a room with 10 men averaging more than 300 pounds each, their corpulent bodies covered with dirt and sweat as they crash andcollide. They are bone naked except for loincloths; their hair is covered with thick grease and pulled into topknots. Smack! The room is dead silent except for heavy breathing and the slap of flesh. It is unadorned, except for a dirt ring.
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