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June 9, 1990
Hurray for AMC ("That Wasn't All, Folks, as Cartoons Make a Comeback," by Charles Solomon, May 25)! As a child, I remember seeing the cartoons before the main feature and it was a treat. The cartoon was sometimes better than the feature. I have missed them for so long, and I look forward to other theater chains taking up this bold "new" policy. G. P. HOLDERNESS Colton
July 29, 2008 | Greg Braxton
The Africa Channel, a U.S.-based TV network showcasing the people and cultures of Africa, launches in the L.A. area today on Time Warner Cable. The network will feature more than 1,800 hours of English-language programming produced in Africa, including news, music, soap operas, talk shows, feature films and special events. Time Warner will broadcast the Africa Channel on Channel 176. -- Greg Braxton
November 19, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple's next Mac operating system will look even more like its iPhones and iPads by integrating Siri and Apple Maps, according to a report. Nine to 5 Mac 's Mark Gurman reports that his sources say an early test version of the Mac OS X 10.9 operating system includes Siri, Apple's voice assistant feature. Sources tell Gurman that the feature runs similarly to how it does on the iPad. If Siri is integrated into the next Mac operating system, however, there is a chance Apple may not support the feature in its older generation of computers, the report speculates.
December 31, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Facebook was able to avoid what could have been an embarrassing privacy ordeal with a messaging feature it built for New Year's Day. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based social network recently introduced a new feature for its desktop site that allows users to pre-write messages for their friends that get sent out as soon as 2013 arrives at the stroke of midnight. Nice concept, but the feature had a fatal flaw: The messages weren't private. The top 10 embarrassing tech flops of 2012 British blogger Jack Jenkins discovered and reported the problem with the "New Year's Midnight Delivery" feature on Sunday.
December 15, 1985
Your new Los Angeles Times Magazine is a disappointment. While it is considerably thicker than your previous magazine and carries a greater variety of stories, it does not have enough feature articles on homes. I realize that you have to provide wide selection to appeal to different interests. However, I feel that you have not done enough feature articles on homes and gardens. Home was always the first section I read. Please see what you can do about this. Vangie Madrid Anaheim
December 20, 1992
Can we look forward to a follow-up feature showing men what they look like in a pair of pleated pants? Is anyone suggesting they turn their pants around and wear them backward? LINDA J. HOYER Whittier
May 24, 1989
British boxing promoter Mike Barrett said he has received Soviet approval to stage the first world title fight in Moscow in late October. Barrett said that the program could feature as many as three title bouts. It will include U.S. and British boxers, he said.
December 16, 1997
OL TUSTIN SR. Most effective running games feature a terrific lineman, and Alston led the way for DeShaun Foster. Alston's size (6-5, 310), speed and quickness make him an effective run-blocker. His outstanding footwork should allow him to learn pass-blocking quickly in college.
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