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Variety is the spice of Orange County's home-meal-delivery programs, and not just in the food. In size, they range from the 20 meals provided daily by the San Clemente Hospital Auxiliary to the 800 meals a day of the Feedback Foundation in Anaheim. Most programs deliver two meals--a hot lunch and a cold supper--five days a week and add one or two frozen meals to the Friday delivery packet, if requested, for weekend coverage. Saddleback Hospital Meals on Wheels delivers 365 days out of the year.
May 22, 1990 | LESLIE EARNEST
A nutrition program that was almost halted temporarily by a $200,000 deficit will continue serving meals to the elderly as a result of recent donations received from the county and cities, the executive director said Wednesday. Feedback Foundation Inc., which feeds about 2,500 elderly Orange County residents each day, announced last month that it would have to close nutrition sites for the month of June unless the county and local cities came to its aid.
November 21, 1990 | MARY ANNE PEREZ
The City Council has agreed to give $34,876 to the Feedback Foundation, a charity which serves meals to homebound and poor seniors. The council voted 3 to 2 to give half of the amount immediately, while its staff works on a budget with Feedback officials so they will not have to depend on such emergency funding in the future. The Anaheim-based Feedback Foundation had received an earlier emergency grant of $12,000 from the city for the 1990-91 fiscal year.
April 26, 1998
Re "Report Contradicts Audit of Meals Program for Senior Citizens (April 7): The grand jury just can't get it right. Last year the Orange County Grand Jury, for no apparent reason, asked a consultant to audit Orange County's support programs for the elderly. While the Feedback Foundation has enjoyed a reputation for cost effectiveness and service quality for 25 years, he reported problems with high costs. The county moved to fix the problem, even though the consultant's report just didn't add up and he refused to defend it. Six months later we learned that the report was in fact flawed and Feedback's costs are actually below the norm.
November 17, 1990 | MARY ANNE PEREZ
The Feedback Foundation, an Anaheim-based organization that serves meals to poor and homebound seniors in Orange County, has asked the 14 cities it serves to increase their share of the program's costs or face potential cutbacks. The organization recently reassessed each city's "fair share" of funding for the meal service and found that no cities were contributing as much as they should, said Director Shirley A. Cohen. The charity's annual budget is $3.
May 8, 1990
The City Council on Monday night approved a $12,000 emergency grant for an organization that provides meals for senior citizens countywide. "We're very close to going broke," Shirley Cohen, executive director of the Feedback Foundation, told the council. "We're in big trouble." The council approved the grant on a 4-1 vote, with Councilman Orville Amburgey dissenting.
ANAHEIM-Last summer Shirley Cohen, 71, mortgaged her home; last month Muriel Nelson, 68, cashed in part of her life savings. Now they have no money left to give to the federally funded social service program they lovingly administer, which feeds 3,000 senior citizens throughout Orange County.
September 10, 1990 | LYNDA NATALI
Struggling to stay afloat for the past few months, the financially troubled Feedback Foundation has suffered another blow--this one inadvertent and from the very people it is intended to help. Since word got out about the foundation's budget trouble, seniors are staying away from its low-cost meals program, thus driving up the costs of service. "It is a problem," said executive director Shirley Cohen. "They think they are helping us by staying away."
October 5, 1986
I have read recent articles mentioning a plan to rehabilitate the old Santa Ana Hotel for low-cost housing for senior citizens. I consider this plan an excellent way to preserve a part of Santa Ana history (as the hotel was built in 1921) and also fill a great need for housing for seniors and the less financially fortunate. However, I find it disheartening to also read that First Presbyterian Church, adjacent to the property, is trying to block the development because they fear senior/low-cost housing will bring transient-type tenants.
August 10, 1991 | MARY ANNE PEREZ
The City Council this week agreed to allocate nearly $30,000 to the Feedback Foundation and has promised another $12,500 if it approves the results of two management audits recommended by the city staff. About $16,000 of the grant was approved last November but held until the staff could take a closer look at the foundation's financial records. The latest records, for the 1989-90 fiscal year, showed that the organization had financial problems.
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