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July 5, 1992
The Times blames the squirt gun instead of the gunman for violence in areas of Boston and Harlem, where even a look can start bullets flying. I feel sorry for the children of these two uptight, silly mothers who forbid them to play with Super Soakers. I'm sure the other kids in the neighborhood will be merciless in the water fights this summer. Children have feelings of anger and aggression just like adults, and allowing them to vent those feelings in a socially acceptable manner is a big part of growing up. Bottling these feelings by not allowing them to have water gun fights with other kids seems the height of stupidity.
June 5, 1994
With reference to Stephanie Miller's article "Mere Men Are No Match for Puppy Love" (Laugh Lines, May 13): There are many men who are sensitive and caring with the ability to know and understand their feelings, and with the compassion to hear a woman's needs and feelings. These men are communicative and can discuss subjects of interest besides sports. I did not appreciate the inference that this is the way men behave. I believe Ms. Miller has not met the right man or men. HOWARD D. WASSERMAN Los Angeles
December 3, 1987
Berezhkov asks, "Can New Thinking Put U.S., Soviet on a Smoother Path?" Undoubtedly it can, but feelings are important too. And the pain many of us in the West feel at our country having watched, and allowed, the USSR to swallow half of Europe at the end of World War II has a big effect on our thinking. I hope that Gorbachev will come to the United States summit prepared to address these feelings and this thinking! VINCE CICORIA Playa del Rey
July 9, 1989
"Outraged" is the word for my feelings while reading of how Palm Springs shows its indifference to California's water needs as it blithely constructs more and more lakes, lagoons, waterfalls and pools at the expense of the rest of us who are being asked to conserve. Are we conserving for Palm Springs? "Outraged" also describes my feelings about The Times as it hypocritically preaches environmental concerns and water conservation on its editorial pages while at the same time, in its Travel Section, it provides color pictures and other glamorous hype for Palm Springs and its obscene water usage policy.
September 30, 1985
In regard to Baker's article, he conveys my feelings perfectly. I'm probably more grizzled than Baker, having followed Bruce up and down the Jersey shore during my high school years. Now 16 years later, with all the world beating on Bruce's door, there is that bittersweet mixture of good feelings for Bruce's success and the urge to tell all these new-found fans to take a hike. I guess the bottom line is that we have to accept what has occurred and hope Bruce doesn't face the backlash of all the current hype.
February 1, 2002
Re "A Perfect Soldier," by Terry McDermott, Jan. 27: Mohamed el Amir Atta seems less the product of a repressive Egyptian government (though it surely exists) than the inevitable result of the collision between the modern world's reality and that of a hermetic upbringing in a household ruled by an unyielding and fearful father. McDermott devastatingly emphasizes how history's course is often changed by the actions of a few perverted losers unwilling or unable to fathom the world that surrounds them.
June 4, 2006
Thanks for publishing the powerful short story "In the Middle End" (by Larry Fondation, May 7). The text has a remarkable rhythm with its near absence of punctuation, making it breathless as it hammers in the feelings of hope and hopelessness experienced by this homeless man in his quest for a life. Jacqueline Fischer-Lougheed Monrovia
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