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June 5, 1994
With reference to Stephanie Miller's article "Mere Men Are No Match for Puppy Love" (Laugh Lines, May 13): There are many men who are sensitive and caring with the ability to know and understand their feelings, and with the compassion to hear a woman's needs and feelings. These men are communicative and can discuss subjects of interest besides sports. I did not appreciate the inference that this is the way men behave. I believe Ms. Miller has not met the right man or men. HOWARD D. WASSERMAN Los Angeles
June 4, 2006
Thanks for publishing the powerful short story "In the Middle End" (by Larry Fondation, May 7). The text has a remarkable rhythm with its near absence of punctuation, making it breathless as it hammers in the feelings of hope and hopelessness experienced by this homeless man in his quest for a life. Jacqueline Fischer-Lougheed Monrovia
March 25, 1990
It was particularly gratifying not only to see coverage of some of the issues facing lesbian students as a group, but also to read about the individual women's thoughts and feelings. This added human touch was very effective and much appreciated. MICHAEL SHERE Los Angeles
November 22, 1990
I am totally supportive of the column by Christopher Martin ("We Who Object Must Be Heard," Commentary, Nov. 16). I couldn't have expressed my feelings any better being a member of that "insignificant" peace movement. Yes, a peace movement exists! Are you listening, President Bush? GRETCHEN WALLS, Wilmington
October 23, 1988
Betty Martin's recent article, "On a Balloon in the Stockholm Sky" (Sept. 18), reflects my adventure five years ago over Del Mar, Calif. Martin captured my feelings at the time and refreshed my memory of a delightful experience. It was nice reading her article. BETTY FERGUSON SANGL Glendale
March 10, 1991
I have watched the "Arsenio Hall" show (KCOP) and I see that he is an insensitive man with a greed for stepping on people's feelings. I don't like it when he jokes about the Persian Gulf War--there are innocent people on both sides. Dorothy Taylor, Los Angeles
November 2, 1986
Bravo to the producers of "Our House." At last we can enjoy an hour with a good story, well-written script, good cast and above all, no awful laugh tracks! We can appreciate the feelings of the characters without being inundated in laughter in the wrong places. Cynthia Baugh, Laguna Niguel
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