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March 19, 2014 | By Mike Bresnahan
The Lakers lost a game to the San Antonio Spurs, but it wasn't an entirely bad day for them. Kobe Bryant didn't throttle anybody when given the chance. He even showed some sympathy toward Coach Mike D'Antoni several hours before the Lakers lost to the Spurs, 125-109, Wednesday at Staples Center. Bryant was noncommittal when asked whether D'Antoni should return next season - "I don't know," he said on the Dan Patrick Show - but he acknowledged all the losing wasn't necessarily D'Antoni's fault.
March 16, 2014 | By Jill Cowan
For years, Orange County has been the contrarian while its neighbors have used distinctive and easy-to-spot letter grades to alert would-be diners what to expect when they swing open the door to a restaurant. Now, Orange County is studying whether it too should move in that direction - but rather than assign letter grades, it's considering using colors. Think traffic lights. The color-coded system advanced by the county grand jury - green, yellow and red - would be similar to those used in Sacramento and Alameda counties.
March 14, 2014 | By Margaret Gray
In Greg Pierce's "Slowgirl" at the Geffen Playhouse, 17-year-old Becky (Rae Gray) comes to visit her Uncle Sterling (William Petersen), who left the U.S. years earlier for Costa Rica. She's freaked out by his primitive jungle lifestyle, which is charmingly evoked by Richard Woodbury's sound design and the tropical leaves that hang above Takeshi Kata's delicate, bare-bones set, configured tennis-court style with the audience on either side (an approach that heightens naturalism but also impedes sightlines)
March 13, 2014 | By Gary Goldstein
If the gay-themed "Tennessee Queer" came out 20 years ago - or was at least a more deftly made film - perhaps it wouldn't seem so desperately past its sell-by date. But this unevenly acted yuckfest, which is as unsubtle as its title, has all the pizazz of a bad sitcom episode. When Jason Potts (Christian Walker), a New York City librarian living in domestic bliss with his idyllic boyfriend (Jerre Dye), is summoned back to his native Smyth, Tenn., under false pretenses (long story)
March 10, 2014 | By Broderick Turner
With Jamal Crawford out again because of a strained left calf and J.J. Redick still out because of a bulging disk in his lower back, the Clippers are missing a big part of their offense. Crawford is the reserve shooting guard who became the starter when Redick went down. Redick is the starting shooting guard when he's healthy. Together, they average a combined 34.4 points per game for the Clippers. Crawford, considered one of the leading candidates for the NBA's sixth-man-of-the-year award, is second on the team in scoring, averaging 18.7 points.
March 8, 2014 | By James Barragan
The Galaxy added some much-needed depth to its strike force this off-season the signing of two foreign players, veteran Canadian Rob Friend and young Brazilian Samuel. But the team, which opened their 2014 MLS regular season against Real Salt Lake on Saturday night, might get a boost on offense from a more local source: Gyasi Zardes. Zardes was one of the most highly touted prospects in Galaxy history when he was signed in December 2012. In the last two years of his college career at Cal State Bakersfield, Zardes scored 33 goals in 37 games, making him one of the most sought-after college strikers heading into the 2013 MLS draft.
March 7, 2014 | By Steven Zeitchik
American filmmakers have tried some neat formal tricks lately - think J.C. Chandor and the frantic silence of "All Is Lost" - but few have the brio Godfrey Reggio displays in his new work "Visitors. " The black-and-white film, which is just wrapping a three-week theatrical run in Los Angeles before heading to VOD this spring, continues the director's pattern of experimental documentary. Focusing on faces, largely though not strictly human, as well as assorted other images, “Visitors” is essentially a montage set to music (a Philip Glass score)
March 6, 2014 | By Robert Abele
In "The Face of Love," it's five years after the devastating loss of her husband when Annette Bening's still-grieving Nikki sees an uncanny look-alike of her dear departed wandering their old haunt, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. As Nikki starts courting Tom (Ed Harris), a local artist with no idea the psychodrama he's walking into, moviegoers can be forgiven for seeing double themselves in the trappings of this skewed, late-in-life romance. But rather than indulging the weird Sirkian "Vertigo" (minus the murder plot)
March 5, 2014 | By Kevin Baxter
PHOENIX  - Carl Crawford is sporting a new number this spring, having dumped the No. 25 he wore last year in favor of No. 3. "I didn't like the number," Crawford said. "I wanted to change. It just didn't feel comfortable. " When Crawford arrived in Los Angeles from Boston in 2012, Hanley Ramirez had the No. 13 Crawford wore in 10 of his first 11 big league seasons and Manager Don Mattingly the No. 8 Crawford wore as a rookie. But when No. 3, last worn by Skip Schumaker , became available this off-season, Crawford grabbed it. "I've got three kids now," he said.
February 25, 2014 | By Amy Kaufman
OK, serious question: Have we ever before reached the hometown date episode of “The Bachelor” without the L-bomb being dropped? Sure, most of Juan Pablo's remaining four ladies heavily debated telling him that they were in love with him after all of two months. But no one actually uttered the three precious words -- save for poor Renee, who told JuanPabs she loved him after he'd given her the ax. More on that later. I bring this up because I feel like the lack of premature mushy declarations this season is really revealing.
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