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March 30, 1998 | P.J. HUFFSTUTTER
LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA. Action: The board of directors for the county's public library system voted last fall to install filters on all of its machines. A vocal group of patrons protested, noting they couldn't get information dealing with sex education, breast cancer and, oddly enough, a Quaker Web site. Reaction: A group of residents--including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Henry Taylor--and a community organization called Mainstream Loudoun filed suit against the board in U.S.
March 3, 2005
"Deadwood," MTV and shock jocks who do their thing on satellite radio are the latest targets in Washington's campaign to sanitize American culture. Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on Tuesday suggested that federal legislation is necessary to protect children from programming that their parents are paying to have beamed into their living rooms. Rep.
August 17, 1990 | LAURA PITTER
The Rio Elementary School District will spend about $11,000 to install a water filtration system to reduce dangerous nitrate levels in water at two of its schools before instruction begins Sept. 4, officials decided Wednesday. El Rio and Rio Real elementary schools get all their water from two wells that measured over the state standard for nitrate contamination, Supt. Peter D. Rogalsky said. Dangerous nitrate levels have been linked to a condition that causes death in infants.
October 7, 2011
Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Festival Where: Various venues. Sunday Block Party on Reservoir Street between Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street When: Through Sunday. See website for details. Price: $20 for multi-day festival wristband. Block party free. Info: ; tickets:
September 22, 1988 | MINNIE BERNARDINO, Times Staff Writer
Does your tap water still taste and smell like it should? Do you notice any off-flavors in your tea or coffee? Highly aware and concerned about troubled drinking water, many Californians have turned to bottled water. But that option, aside from being about 1,000 times the cost of tap water, has generated some controversy in the past and has been questioned for its safety and wholesomeness.
May 25, 1993 | Jack Searles
Optical Devices Inc., a Camarillo firm that this month introduced a new line of anti-glare filters for users of computer monitors, says its filters have been approved by the American Optometric Assn. Optical Devices is one of only three filter manufacturers to receive the group's seal of acceptance, according to Don Keehn, the company's vice president of market development.
July 30, 1996 | SCOTT STEEPLETON
Home dialysis patients in Port Hueneme and those who have aquariums are being urged to upgrade their filtration systems to deal with water treated with chloramine, the city's water superintendent said. In two months, the Calleguas Municipal Water District will install valves that will allow water treated with chloramine--a combination of ammonia and chlorine--to flow into Port Hueneme's water system in the event of a water main break or other emergency, said Port Hueneme Water Supt.
January 5, 2007 | From Reuters
Network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc. said Thursday that it would buy e-mail and Web security firm IronPort Systems Inc. for $830 million to tap growing demand for antivirus and anti-spam software. The acquisition of the privately held software and equipment vendor is Cisco's latest move to grow by integrating niche technologies that complement its main product line of routers and switches, which direct Internet traffic.
March 7, 2005
Re "The Best Television Filter," editorial, March 3: I agree completely with your editorial as to who should say "no" -- and that is a parent. As a father of five (with two teenagers), responsibility for my children comes down to myself and my wife -- and no one else. I don't have cable or satellite TV, I don't allow R-rated movies in my home, nor do I let my younger children watch PG-13 movies -- all because I exercise my right to "say no." When a parent accepts his/her responsibility and acts accordingly, the need for actions as in the editorial would never have to be. Dan Charles Chino The Times is not being realistic.
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