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Fire Hydrants

February 24, 2012 | By Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times
Reporting from San Francisco -- Jerry Lee ran his battered hand along the side beam of a 35-foot extension ladder. This particular workhorse of the San Francisco Fire Department — from Truck 5, Station 5 — was showing serious wear and tear. It had been dropped on the job in the middle of January and could no longer be trusted to bear a firefighter's weight. "There's a crack they're concerned about," Lee said, tracing the offending scar with his thumbnail. "I'll open the break so I can get some glue in there.
August 6, 2013 | By Robyn Dixon
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Flames roared through Kenya's major international airport in Nairobi early Wednesday, gutting the entire structure, Kenyan officials said. Flights were diverted as the main terminal was engulfed in a wall of fire and thick black smoke poured into the sky. The terminal  appeared to have been destroyed. Kenya's Interior Ministry said on Twitter shortly after 9 a.m. that the fire was under control: UPDATE: Fire is now under control. Thumbs up to the brave first response teams on site.
February 21, 1991
I often wonder what happened to the Valley, the one I used to know and love. When my family first moved here in 1955, it seemed like the ideal place to live; for our children to grow up and attend school--and in many ways it was. It was a rural area then. The children watched with amazement as the land was graded and asphalt was poured. Finally, street lights were installed, the streets were named, trees and lawns were planted and we had a community. There were a few drawbacks, but they were outweighed by the many advantages.
June 16, 2013 | By Matt Pearce
Four firefighters were injured Saturday and more than 100 homes near downtown Indianapolis had to be evacuated after a recycling facility caught fire and collapsed. None of the injuries were serious, and by Sunday residents were allowed to return home. The blaze took eight hours to control Saturday as more than two-dozen 30-gallon propane tanks continually exploded and the fire sent up an acrid cloud that could be seen for miles over the city, officials said. Nearby buildings and dumpsters momentarily caught fire as strong winds blew the embers from the blaze to the surrounding area.
A huge chemical fire burned out of control Friday night, sending flames and smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the air near the Long Beach Freeway and quickly consuming an entire acre near a South Gate plastics factory, authorities said. The fire started about 8:35 p.m. in plastic barrels at the White Metal Products Inc., at 10520 on Sessler Street near Imperial Highway.
July 30, 2010 | By Glenn Whipp, Special to the Los Angeles Times
The title might be "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore," but you can't really talk about this OK sequel to the best-forgotten 2001 kids movie without addressing another animal — namely, the elephant in the room. "Cats & Dogs" is the latest family movie to be unnecessarily converted to 3-D, which means that if Mom and Dad want to take the kids to see the fur fly this weekend, they're going to probably pay a premium surcharge to receive absolutely nothing of value in return.
April 6, 1988 | DAVID REYES and A. DAHLEEN GLANTON, Times Staff Writers
A stubborn fire that destroyed at least seven storage tanks in an oil field owned by Union Oil Co. of California in Fullerton burned through the night Tuesday, spewing plumes of thick, black smoke hundreds of feet in the air and shooting sparks that threatened to set off brush fires. Firefighters, using thousands of gallons of fire-retardant foam, had managed to contain the crude-oil blaze most of the evening, but it flared up again shortly before 8 p.m.
Ten North Hollywood families were temporarily homeless Monday after a car sheared off a fire hydrant and sent a jet of water arcing onto their apartment building, authorities said. Half of the apartments in the 24-unit building in the 11700 block of Vanowen Street were damaged when a 60-foot-high arc of water shot onto the roof and into the courtyard of the two-story building after the Sunday afternoon accident. No one was injured.
April 17, 1999 | From Times Wire Services
A 545-acre blaze fueled by wind and aided by 2 1/2 months of drought destroyed at least 43 homes and damaged 33 others near this East Coast city, officials said Friday. Officials had been aggressive about containing even the smallest fire, but it was such a blaze, thought under control, that took Port St. Lucie by storm Thursday night. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes, and some returned Friday to piles of charred ruins. "I don't even have a fork.
March 28, 1987 | MARK LANDSBAUM, Times Staff Writer
When the animal control officer telephoned Sherry Lomeli at her Westminster home, he just wanted to know one thing: "Can you figure out why we have your dog?" Lomeli said: "Yeah. Because he ran away." "To Ohio?" the dogcatcher asked. Doggone, if it wasn't hard to believe, but the Lomeli family's long lost Luke, part Labrador retriever, part boxer and part enigma, had somehow traveled from Westminster, Calif., to a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, 2,300 miles away--and in just 10 days.
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