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Fires Pennsylvania

March 25, 1987 | Associated Press
Fire broke out at a metal-processing plant Tuesday, sending a plume of chemical-laced smoke into the air and prompting the precautionary evacuation of 16,000 people in four communities. Environmental officials spent much of Tuesday trying to track and test the smoke to find out what chemicals were released from the Spencer Metal Processing Co. in Nanticoke, in northeastern Pennsylvania.
December 24, 1991 | From Reuters
A six-alarm fire in the basement of Philadelphia's main railroad station severed the New York-to-Washington rail connection and snarled the evening rush hour commute Monday. No passengers were reported injured, but two station employees and six firefighters were hospitalized for treatment for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. The fire started about 6 p.m. in a basement bowling alley of the 30th Street Station and spread to some commuter trains. It was contained about four hours later.
March 23, 1998 | From Times Wire Reports
An early morning fire killed 11 people in a mountain cabin in Miles Township, including high school and college students on a camping trip. Centre County coroner Scott Sayers said there were no survivors. John E. Wehry, a co-owner of the cabin, lost two nieces and a nephew in the blaze. The fire broke out at 5:20 a.m. in this township 20 miles northeast of State College, according to state police.
December 21, 1991 | From Associated Press
The concrete floor of a burning building collapsed Friday, trapping four firefighters who died before rescuers could reach them. As crews made five futile rescue attempts, flames surrounded the firefighters and the building continued to crumble, authorities said. The fire at West Interior Services, a furniture refinishing business, was discovered by an employee Friday morning. More than 100 firefighters from about a dozen fire companies responded.
March 17, 1992 | From Associated Press
An arsonist burned down six Amish barns within two hours, killing 177 animals and crippling a farming community on the eve of planting season. "Something has to be wrong with him. These people don't bother anybody," said Milroy Fire Chief Ron Staib. No arrest had been made by Monday evening, but police said they had identified a suspect in the fires, which began Saturday.
May 9, 1998 | Associated Press
Three 11,000-volt power transformers atop a downtown skyscraper traded sparks Friday, seriously injuring a utility company worker and igniting a fire that forced office workers onto the streets, officials said. The injured Duquesne Light Co. worker, David Barnett, 56, suffered second- and third-degree burns to his face, head, chest, right arm and back. His life is not threatened, a hospital spokeswoman said.
December 6, 1992 | Associated Press
Eight young children were killed Saturday morning by a fire in a row house. Two children and three adults, including the mother of all but one of the dead children, escaped from the two-story duplex. The cause of the fire remained under investigation, but according to police, firefighters found kitchen stove gas jets turned on and the oven door open, an indication that the stove was being used to heat the house.
At first, most folks in this flyspeck of a town didn't pay the fire any mind. It was about noon, and Mary Lou Gaughan remembers that she was scrubbing her front porch when a young boy shouted that a garbage dump near the cemetery was ablaze. "I figured it was a trash fire that burned into the old coal mine, but Lord knows, there are so many underground coal fires around here," Gaughan recalls. "It's a way of life for us in the hills, and we all felt this one would just burn itself out in time."
March 9, 2011 | From Times wire reports
A farmhouse fire killed seven children Tuesday while their mother was in a barn milking cows, according to a state trooper. Their father was reportedly taking a nap in a delivery truck not far from the home. The children, six girls and a boy, were found dead inside the house, CNN reported. One child survived. Those who died ranged in age from 7 months to 11 years. The children's father had left the two-story home, on a working farm in dairy country not far from the state capital, to get his truck around 10 p.m. Tuesday, Trooper Tom Pinkerton said.
October 8, 1987 | CHARLES HILLINGER, Times Staff Writer
Maryland is the 42nd smallest state, yet, because of its peculiar shape, it stretches quite a distance, 352 miles by road from Ocean City on the Atlantic to Redhouse, a hamlet in the Appalachian Mountains. Linking the panhandle of Maryland's mountainous western area with the rest of the state is a geographic anomaly, a 1-mile-wide strip squeezed between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They call it Maryland's narrow waist.
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