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November 20, 2013 | By Jason Wells
The pit bull that was strapped with fireworks and set ablaze, only to be yanked from a truck bed and left for dead in the San Fernando Valley , is on the mend after several surgeries to repair burns that exposed bone. Staff members at Westlake Village Animal Hospital  told NBC4 they weren't sure the 3-year-old pit pull, nicknamed "Indy," would survive his injuries after he was left for dead July 4 in an alley between Kittridge and Hamlin streets in Winnetka. The badly burned dog was found and rescued the next day. Now, four months later, Indy's "wounds are totally healed," said Dr. Daniel Slaton at the animal hospital.
July 4, 2013 | By Brittany Woolsey
Huntington Beach's annual Fourth of July parade and festival gets underway at 10 a.m. Thursday, one of many Independence Day events. Meanwhile, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti will take part in Westchester's annual July 4 parade beginning at 11 a.m. Actor Ed Asner will be grand marshal of the Pacific Palisades parade, starting at 2 p.m. GUIDE: Where to see July 4 fireworks in the Southland Santa Monica's parade begins at 9:30 a.m....
September 13, 2006
Re "Boom May Be Lowered on Offshore Fireworks," Sept. 9 SeaWorld San Diego has accepted that it might have overdone its fireworks shows and has stopped them. This should have ended this fight. No such luck. The environmental group that's against all this fun wants us to give up watching any fireworks shows near a beach. What's next, doing away with celebrating the Fourth of July? It's time to stop all this nonsense. RON SALMONS Pacific Palisades
June 29, 1993
The following community fireworks displays will all occur on Sunday. They are free unless otherwise noted. Aliso Viejo * Location: Sheep Hills Park, Moulton Parkway and Laguna Hills Drive * Program: Music, entertainment at 6 p.m.; fireworks at dusk Anaheim * Location: Peralta Canyon Park, 115 Pinney Drive * Program: Parade, entertainment at 4 p.m.; fireworks at 9 p.m. Park * Location: Bellis Park, corner of 8th Street and Knott Avenue * Program: Entertainment at 6:30 p.m.; fireworks at 9 p.m.
March 20, 1988 | From Reuters
Eleven people died and 26 were injured when a truckload of fireworks exploded in a crowded street in Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, police said Saturday. A spokesman said most of the victims were helping to unload the truck when the firecrackers exploded Friday afternoon in the East Java capital.
December 11, 1991
Palmdale voters would decide next April whether to outlaw fireworks and get a chance to tell city officials what they think of a proposed $25-million indoor recreation center, under measures given tentative City Council approval. The council voted Monday night to place both measures on the city's April 14 ballot, but must confirm the decision later.
November 10, 1988
A law was passed by the West Covina City Council in August banning the use of fireworks. Councilman Bob Bacon said that a special election to vote for or against the ban would cost West Covina residents between $35,000 and $40,000, plus approximately $5,500 to verify signatures on any petition. Well guess what? Just about every veterans group managed to get enough signatures on a petition that has been presented to the city clerk for verification. Some residents whom I have talked with signed the petition wanting to get the issue to a vote to ban their usage, not realizing our council had already banned fireworks.
May 11, 1986
Those of us (and we were the majority) who voted for Jozelle Smith for councilwoman in Culver City feel betrayed by the trust we placed in her campaign promises to oppose the sale of so-called "safe and sane" fireworks in our city. Councilman Ron Perkins was defeated because he favored the sale. At least the voters knew where he stood and voted against him. But Smith sang a different tune during her campaign. She said she was not in favor of the sale of fireworks and the voters believed her and voted for her. Her change of mind to continue the sale reveals that she is unfit for public office and is typical of politicians who will make favorable statements to win election and then renege on promises made to the voters.
February 27, 1986
The City Council has voted to require that the city's eight fireworks stands obtain at least $5 million in liability insurance in a move that council members acknowledged could drive the stands out of business. Liability policies of up to $10 million that were in effect last year have been canceled, with insurance companies now offering policies providing only $1 million in protection.
September 30, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
Three government officials accused of aiding the illegal sale of fireworks have been charged with crimes ranging from negligence to homicide in connection with a fiery blast that caused the death of 61 people and the injury of more than 340 in central Mexico on Sunday, federal officials said Wednesday. Two city business inspectors and a local representative of the federal attorney general were charged in connection with the illegal sale of fireworks at several area stores, Assistant Atty. Gen.
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