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March 28, 2010 | By Laura Deutsch
THE BEST WAY TO AREZZO From LAX, connecting service (change of planes) to Florence is available on Air France and Lufthansa. Restricted round-trip fares begin at $786. From Florence, take a taxi ($35) or bus ($6.50) to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Arezzo. Several trains run every hour from Florence to Arezzo. For schedules, go to TELEPHONES To call the numbers below from the U.S., dial 011 (the international dialing code), 39 (country code for Italy)
March 23, 1987
American Cablesystems Corp. of Beverly, Mass., announced the purchase from Heritage Communications Inc. for $15.5 million by American's affiliate, American Cablesystems of California Inc. The system being acquired provides service to 12,000 subscribers in a 63,600-home area of Compton, South El Monte and Hawaiian Gardens and the unincorporated communities of Willowbrook, Athens, Firestone, Florence and East Compton.
January 26, 1986 | AL GOLDFARB, Goldfarb is a Los Angeles free-lance writer.
This ancient Etruscan and Roman town, tucked away in the lovely green hills overlooking Florence, is the place to visit when you want a breather from the whirlwind pace of sightseeing. Florence, with its extraordinary wealth of art treasures, was a delight, but on the heels of three straight days of hoofing it through Rome, we were ready for a pause. During dinner at the Ristorante Baldini near the Piazza Santa Maria Novelle Church in Florence we learned of Fiesole.
November 15, 2004 | AL MARTINEZ, Al's column appears Mondays and Fridays. He's at
Probably the only reason to visit Florence is to retire, see a friend or hear more about the exploding whale. I am not in the mood for retirement at the moment, but the almost legendary story of the exploding whale was intriguing. It was told to me by ex-journalist Gayle Montgomery, whom I knew at the Oakland Tribune, where weirdness has always had an eager audience. Montgomery moved here a few months ago and e-mailed me immediately when he heard about the historic moment in Florence history.
June 29, 1986 | William Wilson, Wilson is The Times' art critic.
Princes fell to his gun, gold melted into exquisite objects in his hand and pretty boys dressed as girls for his amusement. Sounds like a corny, kinky silhouette romance, but it is the real stuff of the autobiography of 16th-Century goldsmith and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, a rare classic of literature, history and art. For decades, readers have sat mesmerized at this bravura account of a life that pops off the pages in full color like a Franco Zeffirelli-style opera.
May 10, 1987 | BEVERLY BEYER and ED RABEY, Beyer and Rabey are Los Angeles travel writers.
In addition to being one of the world's most beautiful and civilized cities, this one lies in the heart of Tuscany, which puts it near the center of much that is considered Italy's best and purest. Nearby Siena lays claim to the purest language, the Italian of Dante, so decreed by the government a little more than a century ago to rid a newly united Italy of its chaos of dialects.
August 3, 2012 | By August Brown, Los Angeles Times
With Coachella and Electric Daisy in the rear-view and Hard Summer coming this weekend, it's easier to pinpoint the Songs of Summer in L.A. clubs. Dancers vote with their feet, and DJs love to get the crowd flying, so if you're hitting a late-night dance floor any time between now and Labor Day, you can expect these singles to be in almost any DJ's quiver. Hands up, kids. 1. Afrojack, "Rock the House" The Dutch DJ Nick van de Wall scores a traditionalist hit after pop collaborations with Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Beyoncé.
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