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August 11, 2013 | By Joe Piasecki
Glendale police are working to identify a man and woman captured on security camera footage that shows food kiosk burglaries at the Americana at Brand.  Break-ins at the Richie Palmer's Pizza and Häagen-Dazs kiosks occurred around 4:20 a.m. on July 28, according to a police crime bulletin.  Video from one of the stores shows a woman opening a sliding glass service window and a man entering through it. The man hits his head on the floor, appearing...
June 20, 2013 | By Debra Prinzing
In their new book, "The Beautiful Edible Garden," designers Stefani Bittner and Leslie Bennett urge readers to create a stylish outdoor space using vegetables, fruits and herbs as key landscaping plants. Gardens should be stunning, they say - but also useful and productive. You can have both, assure the authors, co-owners of Star Apple Edible & Fine Gardening in Oakland. You can balance aesthetics with bounty by using Bittner and Bennett's "swap" technique, which involves substituting a productive plant (one that you can harvest for food or flowers)
March 22, 2010 | By Teresa Watanabe
Why is this day unlike any other day? As Jews worldwide prepare to celebrate next week their liberation from slavery, a group of Los Angeles Jews went to Boyle Heights on Sunday to ask that variation of their traditional Passover Seder question. The answer, however, did not recount Jewish oppression in Egypt as is customary. Activists from major Jewish organizations instead focused on what they see as a modern injustice afflicting their fellow Angelenos, marking the day with a new push to bring quality grocery markets and healthful food to underserved neighborhoods such as East Los Angeles.
April 26, 2013 | By Mary MacVean
Fast food begets a fast-food culture that has seeped into pretty much everything going on in the world today, the chef Alice Waters told a crowd gathered at UCLA for a presentation about edible education. Fast food, Waters said, affects our laws, rituals and “ways of doing things”; and it permeates business, journalism, architecture and how we treat one another. Royce Hall was nearly full Thursday evening with, among others, school cafeteria workers, master gardeners, public health students and teachers and fans of Waters.
March 15, 2013 | By Caitlin Keller
UCLA's “ Science and Food " public lecture series returns this spring for another round of talks and demonstrations featuring leading chefs and food scientists. The public events, similar to Harvard's " Science and Cooking " lecture series, are presented in conjunction with UCLA life scientist Amy Rowat 's undergraduate course, "Science and Food: The Physical and Molecular Origins of What We Eat," in hopes of introducing food science to the general public. "The public events," says Rowat, "promote the public understanding of science through food, and food through science.
August 18, 2013 | By Hugo Martin
Penny-pinching travelers are spending less on food and drinks, and some hotels are responding by putting an end to traditional room service. Others are working harder to entice their guests' taste buds. New York Hilton Midtown, the biggest hotel in New York City (it has nearly 2,000 rooms), announced plans to eliminate room service starting this summer. In its place, the hotel will offer a cafeteria-type restaurant where guests can grab quick meals like pizza and sandwiches. “Hotels are thinking of retooling to make the food offerings more limited,” said Bruce Baltin, senior vice president at hospitality consulting firm PKF Consulting.
November 6, 2012 | By Marc Lifsher
SACRAMENTO -- Proposition 37, the genetically engineered food labeling initiative, was trailing badly late on election day. With just over a fifth of the statewide votes counted, the measure was losing with 42.7% yes to 57.3% no. It was polling strongly ahead five weeks ago but fell steadily in the polls under a barrage of negative campaign television advertisements funded by a food and biotech industry war chest of more than $44 million....
November 7, 2012 | By Marc Lifsher
California voters roundly defeated Proposition 37, the genetically engineered foods labeling initiative, after being subjected to a prolonged barrage of negative television advertisements and criticism from newspaper editorial boards. With 100% of California precincts reporting, the ballot measure, backed by the organic foods industry and consumer groups, went down, opposed by 53.1% of voters and supported by 46.9%. "California voters clearly saw through Proposition 37 and rejected higher food costs, more lawsuits and more bureaucracy," said Henry I. Miller, a research fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution think tank and a key spokesman for the No campaign on its television spots.
March 10, 2012
After taking in the view from the Sydney Tower Eye, we took the elevator to the fifth floor and Food on Five, the food-court floor of the Westfield Sydney Shopping Centre. There were more than 20 specialty and international cuisine store-front restaurants. Dinner for two was less than $15. We ate there two more times with excellent meals. The only caution is that some weekday nights most close at 5:30. Westfield Sydney Shopping Centre, Alan Johnson Seal Beach
February 4, 2010 | By Miles Clements
The way it used to be, on almost any given evening an irrepressible assemblage of Mexican food vendors would flood a Boyle Heights parking lot in what seemed like seconds. Empty tables suddenly were covered with tubs of masa and astringent salsas, and griddles glowed with immediate heat. Before you knew it, diners would be perched on plastic chairs and crumbling curbs, their fingers stained an inky, huitlacoche -rich black. Couples quickly huddled around cups of goat consommé as kids eyed the cinnamon-dusted ridges of freshly fried churros.
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