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March 8, 2011 | By Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times
Everyone has by now heard about the manic, tough-talking Charlie Sheen, the sitcom actor who publicly insults his bosses and makes T-shirt-ready boasts of "winning" and having tiger blood. But former porn star Ginger Lynn says she got intimate with another side of TV's top-earning actor ? one that fans can now share for a price. "There's a side of him that I don't think many people hear about," Lynn said during an interview Friday. "Especially because right now, everyone's focusing on the negative.
April 8, 1985 | RICK REILLY, Times Staff Writer
The Vin Scully Show, now embarking on its 36th year with the Dodgers, rolls on and on, with each new reviewer gushing more than the last. Fifty-seven summers aren't much betrayed in his ruddy-red Irish face. Neither is the sadness when he smiles, which, by nature and by design, is practically always. Yeah, even Vin Scully, master-weaver of high drama and happy endings, has his sadnesses.
March 11, 1986
Larry Glueck, a former assistant coach at Harvard, was named head football coach at Fordham University.
February 27, 2014 | By Karen J. Greenberg
In Barack Obama's first weeks in office, in a series of executive orders and public statements, the new president and former professor of constitutional law promised to make sweeping changes in the way government operated in a number of specific areas. But has he kept his pledges? Let's consider four of them: Ending torture On his first day in office, Obama ordered an end to the practice of torture, or as the George W. Bush administration preferred to call it, "enhanced interrogation techniques.
January 24, 2011 | By Baxter Holmes
In a news release sent out by USC last week, reserve guard Bryce Jones said he left the Trojans' basketball program because he wasn't getting enough playing time. But it appears the situation was far more complicated than that. People close to and within the USC program said the freshman from Woodland Hills Taft High, the top-ranked player in Coach Kevin O'Neill's 2010 recruiting class, quickly wore out his welcome with his actions on and off the court. In October, Jones allegedly struck fellow freshman Garrett Jackson in the team locker room, fracturing his nose, teammates who witnessed the incident said.
February 6, 1985 | Associated Press
A Metro Atlantic Conference basketball game between Army and Fordham was suspended shortly before halftime Tuesday night after a bomb threat was telephoned to the Fordham security office, Fordham athletic director Dave Rice said. Rice said a male voice, which he described as foreign, warned that a bomb would be detonated inside Rose Hill Gymnasium "because Army is playing."
February 15, 2000 | Associated Press
Fordham Coach Bob Hill was reprimanded by the Atlantic 10 for calling the officiating "an embarrassment to basketball" after Sunday's loss to St. Joseph's. Hill was ejected after receiving two technical fouls. Fordham player Steve Canal, also ejected, was suspended for one game by the school.
June 12, 2011 | By Melissa Maerz, Los Angeles Times
Say what you want about Steven Tyler's famous lips, but it's hard to deny that they have a way with the F-bomb. During the 10th season of "American Idol," the singer dropped enough of them to blow up a small European country, and a network-censored montage that aired during the show's finale captured many of his best ones: "That was [bleep]-ing crazy good! Holy [bleep], what did I say?" "Slap that baby on the [bleep] and call me Christmas!" "Hellfire, save matches, [bleep] a duck and see what hatches!"
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