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September 30, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Britain's Foreign Office said it was in contact with Afghanistan's ruling Taliban about a British reporter who was arrested near the eastern city of Jalalabad. Yvonne Ridley, a reporter for the London-based Sunday Express, was detained Friday with two guides about nine miles from the Pakistan border, the Afghan Islamic Press said.
April 27, 2014 | By Amy Kaufman
The 'Spider-Man' sequel doesn't swing into North American theaters until next weekend, but the superhero flick is already sticking with moviegoers overseas. Since launching in a handful of international markets this month, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" had collected an impressive $132 million, according to an estimate from distributor Sony Pictures. The movie is currently playing in roughly 40 foreign markets, performing best in the Britain, Mexico and South Korea. The picture has yet to open in an additional 30 countries abroad, including major markets like Brazil and China.
October 3, 1985 | Associated Press
A pre-dawn fire swept through the British Foreign Office today, heavily damaging the roof and two upper floors of the building across the street from Margaret Thatcher's official residence. No was hurt and the fire was brought under control within 45 minutes. Deputy Fire Chief Gerald Clarkson said the cause of the blaze was unknown but that it was believed to have started accidentally in a section of the 109-year-old building that was being renovated.
January 19, 2014
For tourist information about foreign destinations, contact the government offices below. Several no longer list phone numbers, so information is available only through their websites. For information about a country not listed, call the United Nations at (212) 963-1234, dial 0 and ask for the number of the country's U.N. mission or delegation. The Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory, , is a helpful website. Albania: Albanian Embassy, (202) 223-4942, . Anguilla : Anguilla Tourist Board, (800)
April 25, 1995 | Reuters
The head of Britain's permanent representation to the European Union, Sir John Kerr, is to be Britain's new ambassador to Washington, the Foreign Office announced Monday.
March 18, 1985 | From Reuters
The British Embassy in Lebanon today closed its office in West Beirut, the Foreign Office said. The move followed the kidnaping of two Britons and an American in the area last week. The main embassy building in East Beirut remains open. The closed office was mainly used for issuing visas. The Foreign Office said about 70 Britons are still in the predominantly Muslim western sector of the Lebanese capital, despite British government warnings that they should leave.
May 26, 1989 | From Times wire service s
Czechoslovakia today expelled three British diplomats and a businessman in what the Foreign Office called an unjustified retaliation for the recent expulsion of four Czechoslovaks from Britain. A Foreign Office spokesman said Czechoslovak authorities told the British ambassador to Prague, Laurence O'Keefe, that the four Britons must leave in two weeks because of "unacceptable activities," diplomatic jargon for spying. "It's clearly an unjustified action," said the spokesman. "It's clearly in retaliation."
June 11, 1987
Britain took new action in its dispute with Iran over the mistreatment of its diplomats, giving Tehran two weeks to reduce the number of its representatives in London from 18 to 16, the Foreign Office said. In the quarrel over the alleged beating of one of its diplomats in Tehran, London recently expelled five Iranian diplomats from Britain. Iran retaliated by ordering five British envoys out of Iran. A Foreign Office spokesman said: "The objective is not a tit-for-tat retaliation.
September 16, 1985 | Associated Press
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's government today ordered the expulsion of six more Soviets, two of them diplomats, in an escalating diplomatic confrontation sparked by the defection of the KGB's top operative in this country. It was the third move in a round of tit-for-tat expulsions that began Thursday when Britain ousted 25 Soviet diplomats, journalists and trade officials. The Foreign Office said the 25 were named as spies by Oleg A.
December 1, 2013 | By Mieczyslaw P. Boduszynski
Sen. Lindsey Graham and others on Capitol Hill are demanding further inquiries into the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, apparently convinced that the Obama administration is withholding crucial information. But I often wonder whether Graham (R-S.C.) and others who exploit the Benghazi issue to attack the president realize that their politicking affects the ability of American diplomats to carry out their work. I served as a U.S. Foreign Service officer in Libya before, during and after the attack, and I saw firsthand how playing politics with Benghazi directly hurts our interests in Libya and beyond.
August 6, 2013 | By Janet Stobart, This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.
LONDON - The British Foreign Office announced Tuesday that all embassy staff in Yemen had been temporarily evacuated because of "increased security concerns. " The foreign office also advised against all travel to Yemen, where "the situation remains volatile with continuing unrest and violent clashes. " "There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen," the foreign office said. "Due to increased security concerns, all staff in the British Embassy have been temporarily withdrawn and the embassy will remain closed until staff are able to return.
August 1, 2013 | By John Horn
The central conceit of "The Smurfs 2" is that the wicked wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria) is desperate to capture the secret essence of Smurfs. But Sony Pictures already has found the magic formula that makes the blue cartoon characters so popular - and it isn't found at the domestic box office. Hollywood has been a global business for decades, but the film industry's international reach increasingly is being defined by animated and family-friendly movies, which continue to generate foreign revenues much bigger than any Smurf or Minion.
May 20, 2013 | By Amy Kaufman
With its glitzy opening night premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last week, "The Great Gatsby" arrived overseas with a splash. Or at least that's what Warner Bros. was hoping for as the movie played for the festival crowd days before it debuted in many European theaters and beyond. After opening the movie in the U.S. on May 10, the studio sent the film's stars to France to promote the picture's international bow. On the red carpet outside Cannes' Palais des Festivals last Wednesday, May 15, Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio posed for the shutterbugs as rain fell -- the umbrellas somehow only adding to the old-school glamour.
April 10, 2013 | George Skelton, Capitol Journal
SACRAMENTO - You know things are going splendidly for a governor when he can arrange a weeklong jaunt through China and not have to pay a cent himself - or even dip into the public till. The fact that it's sort of a 75th birthday bash for Gov. Jerry Brown and that the roughly 90 invitees - mostly special interests, but also some longtime chums - are willing to pay $10,000 each, plus trans-Pacific airfare, is particularly impressive. Oh, OK, it's a "trade and investment mission.
February 17, 2013
For tourist information about foreign destinations, contact the government offices below. Several no longer list phone numbers, so information is available only through their websites. For information about a country not listed, call the United Nations at (212) 963-1234, dial 0 and ask for the number of the country's U.N. mission or delegation. The Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory, , is a helpful website. Anguilla: Anguilla Tourist Board, (877) 426-4845,
January 24, 2013 | By Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times
LONDON - Britain, Germany and the Netherlands urged their citizens Thursday to leave the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi immediately, citing an imminent threat to Westerners months after an assault on the U.S. mission there killed four Americans. None of the countries would elaborate on the intelligence that prompted the advisory, but Britain's Foreign Office said it was "aware of a specific and imminent threat. " The stark warning came a day after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before Congress about the Sept.
December 29, 2011 | By Jeffrey Fleishman and Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times
Egyptian security forces on Thursday raided the offices of 17 nongovernmental organizations, including three U.S.-based agencies, as part of a crackdown on foreign assistance that has drawn criticism from the West and threatened human rights groups and pro-democracy movements. The move appeared to be part of a strategy to intimidate international organizations. The ruling military council has repeatedly blamed "foreign hands" for exploiting Egypt's political and economic turmoil.
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