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November 25, 2012 | By Emily Alpert
From bloodshed in Gaza to forgiveness in Myanmar, here are five stories you shouldn't miss from this past week in global news: Brazil education standards contribute to learning crisis In Myanmar, returning exiles show capacity for forgiveness China dissident Ai Weiwei basks in his relative liberty Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi walks tightrope in...
January 24, 1993
In his "parable" Michener mentions that God forgave King David. He does not mention that David repented his sins and confessed them to God before forgiveness was given. Bill Clinton to date has not confessed or repented of anything (except to rescind his campaign promises). GREGG STOCKDALE San Dimas
August 23, 1985
"Right Is Wrong on Romania" (Editorial Pages, July 25) seems to miss the point on Romania's "most-favored-nation" status: Its foreign debt. Without that status Romania would be unable to pay interest on its dollar loans, a thing nobody here wants to happen. So Ceausescu's "despotic, Stalinist-style government that represses its own people" is forgiven. If not to forgive is associated with "Neanderthal views", what are the views held by the writer? The "small degree of leverage" the United States has on their policies is non-existent, according to David Funderburk, and cannot justify forgiveness.
April 5, 1987
Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham appear to know our Hebrew/Christian Bible better than Jimmy Swaggart whom I have until now also admired. He apparently ignores our teaching about Christian love and forgiveness. Our God hates sin (adultery) but loves the sinner. Does Jimmy love and forgive Jim Bakker as God does? Is Jimmy motivated by compassion or wrath? In the book we read, "Vengeance is up to God." So Jimmy doesn't have to save his Assembly of God denomination from embarrassment by Bakker.
July 8, 1989
Pete Rose is making things harder on himself by continuing to deny he bet on baseball despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Rose should admit he has a gambling problem and ask the American public for forgiveness. The outpouring of sympathy and support for him would place far greater pressure on Bart Giamatti than any court could do. SKIP USEN Canoga Park
April 26, 2000
Times religion writer Larry Stammer presents an interesting case for viewing Judas as a collaborator with Jesus in the events leading to the crucifixion, rather than as his betrayer ('New Look at Ancient Betrayer," April 21). Some might see this as a way of resurrecting the reputation of Judas, appropriately at Easter. If Judas was a friend of Jesus rather than his betrayer, it makes his final act one of nobility rather than treachery. However, in this case, Judas no longer stands as a symbol of hope for those who desperately need the grace of forgiveness, a point which I make in my book, "The Gospel According to Judas: Is There a Limit to God's Forgiveness?
September 16, 1990
I wish to thank you for your recent article on El Salvador. You are bringing valuable information to the public not often seen in the mainstream press. It is time the people in our country become aware that there are still people in the world who are motivated by love of neighbor and forgiveness and who truly have hope for the future. Perhaps more of these good examples will give hope and motivation to our own poor and homeless families. BONNIE ROBIE Pasadena
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