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Foster Care

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday ordered an investigation into the December beating death of a 19-month-old Glendale child who was living in a county foster care home. The coroner's office has ruled that the death was a homicide, and the boy's foster parents have been charged with murder.
October 8, 1989
We have all read of the critical need for foster-care homes in Orange County. Children languish in Orangewood for lack of available foster families to place them with, we are told. My husband and I are licensed foster parents in Orange County and had a 4-year-old girl living with us in 1987 and '88. After she left to live with her grandparents, we took a short break. In January, 1989, we called county children's services to say we were ready for another placement. We waited and waited but no one contacted us. Over the next few months, we called again to check on the delay and were told that the social workers would be in touch.
February 14, 1992
State officials temporarily suspended the foster care license of a Lancaster couple Thursday after they were accused of child abuse for the second time in less than a year. The suspension order prohibits Margaret and John Crow from caring for foster children while the state conducts an investigation, said Mark Ginsberg, attorney for the state Department of Social Services. According to documents filed by the state, a 15-year-old girl adopted by the couple claims that between Feb.
July 19, 2006 | From Times Staff Reports
Two Los Angeles County supervisors called Tuesday for an investigation into why child welfare officials took 10 years to locate a foster child's father even as he continued to send the county child-support payments for his daughter. Supervisors Mike Antonovich and Don Knabe called on the Department of Children and Family Services along with the Child Support Services Department to better cooperate to prevent a similar case from occurring.
June 16, 1985 | NIKI CERVANTES, United Press International
More than a year ago, alarmed Los Angeles County officials announced a critical shortage of foster care and vowed to overhaul the system to find temporary homes for thousands of abused and neglected children. Have they made good on their promise? "I haven't seen a great deal of change," said Maureen Strelich, a children's services investigator and union representative. "For all the talk, I don't think there has been a lot of progress."
May 6, 2000
May is National Foster Parent Recognition Month. There are 13,000 children in foster care in Los Angeles County and more who would be placed in foster care if more homes willing to take them in could be found. MARCELA ROJAS spoke with a director of a Highland Park-based private foster family agency about the shortage of foster care homes. * JOAN PROBST Director of community programs, Optimist Youth Homes Foster parents get a lot of negative press. The stories that get covered are disasters.
April 20, 2001 | Sandy Banks
There is a drawer in my desk filled to overflowing with e-mails, letters and court records, chronicling the sorrowful state of California's system to protect abused kids. They arrive--questions, complaints, pleas--from across a spectrum of interests whenever I write about foster care: From distraught parents, fighting to retrieve children they say were unfairly taken. From disillusioned foster families, overwhelmed by constant demands to do more with less.
July 17, 1987 | JANE APPLEGATE, Times Staff Writer
A Garden Grove woman, contending that Orange County officials removed two foster daughters from her home after learning that her mother had died of AIDS, filed suit Thursday in Los Angeles federal court against the county Social Services Agency, seeking reinstatement of her foster care license and $10 million in damages. "I want my kids back and my life back together," Cynthia Chinchilla said at a press conference in Los Angeles.
July 31, 1991 | LISA MASCARO
Advanced Resource for Kids, a center that supports families raising foster children, will begin a volunteer drive Monday to recruit additional workers. The group hopes to double its current roster of volunteers--from 100 to 200--to help meet the growing demand for support services in the foster-care system. "We're really getting to the point where we're expanding beyond our volunteer level," said Michelle Kasson, a spokeswoman for the center that recently moved from Anaheim to Orange.
November 24, 2002
Many thanks to Judge Michael Nash for his eloquently written Nov. 20 commentary, "Kids in Search of Open Doors and Open Hearts." As a longtime volunteer in the foster-care system, I can attest to the lack of adequate foster homes as well as to the incredible resiliency of the children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves part of this system. There is no happier experience than participating in or attending adoption day. When I hear about international or private adoptions, though I know the families' hearts are in the right place, I feel sad for the children in L.A. County who end up being left behind.
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