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Founding Fathers

October 13, 1999
Re "Religion on the Stump," editorial, Oct. 9: We forget that moral law cannot be separated from statute law. Without a moral code providing the foundation for rightly dividing right from wrong, statutory law does not make sense for everybody. A review of our nation's history shows that our founding fathers were trying to ensure the right to honor God's laws in our schools and government, not eliminate God from our lives. PAMELA PRATT Orange
July 11, 1996
Huntington Beach has an interesting way to celebrate America's Independence Day: suspend the Constitution. The very idea of sending police onto people's private property and arresting them for drinking beer (July 6) is outrageous and an insult to our Founding Fathers. What's next, going into people's houses and looking inside refrigerators? I hope the town goes bankrupt defending itself from illegal arrest lawsuits. DAVID A. LATHRAP San Diego
July 13, 2013 | By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Egypt roils with revolution, Edward Snowden has become the Scarlet Pimpernel of privacy and a new study reveals that, even though Americans are exercising more, we're still fat, which is really unfair. Yet for weeks we've been bombarded with minute-by-minute televised coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. Testimony is parsed, questions are raised - "Why was his shirt not rumpled?" - witnesses reviewed like contestants on "American Idol," and every day sees way too much footage of Zimmerman, moon-faced and unsmiling in another suit.
August 26, 1988
A state where only the police (and military) have guns is a police state. The same specious version of the Second Amendment presented in the editorial was taught to me in Minneapolis public schools. But when I studied American history at the University of Minnesota, specializing in the revolutionary period, I learned that what James Madison, Richard Henry Lee and the other Founding Fathers meant by militia cannot be substituted for by the regular armed forces or the national guard.
November 15, 2004
Re "Evangelicals Want Faith Rewarded," Nov. 12: If you ever wanted proof of the wisdom of the concept of the separation of church and state, you only need to read the pronouncements coming from the religious right after the Nov. 2 election. As religious as our founding fathers were, they showed exceptional wisdom in recognizing the potentially destructive power of personal religious beliefs unleashed as political power. As we live in a world being threatened by religious extremists, we can only hope that we don't become one of them.
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