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NEW YORK--Shortly before CNN unveiled the new studio it had built in Manhattan for Paula Zahn's "American Morning" last month, a telephone rang at the desk of a reporter. A publicist for Fox News Channel was calling. For anyone writing about Zahn's show, she wanted to point out how much better Fox's morning show, "Fox & Friends," was doing in the ratings. With that in mind, CNN's new studio "is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic," said Fox spokeswoman Tracey Spector.
July 28, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Liberal activists are stepping up their campaign against Fox News Channel by pressuring advertisers not to patronize the network., the Campaign for America's Future and liberal blogs like are asking thousands of supporters to monitor who is advertising on the network. Once a database is gathered, an organized phone-calling campaign will begin, said Jim Gilliam, vice president of media strategy for Brave New Films, a company that has made anti-Fox videos.
September 29, 2006 | From the Associated Press
A financial struggle is looming between Fox News Channel and the cable and satellite providers who carry the network, with the risk of Bill O'Reilly, Shepard Smith and Sean Hannity being yanked from TV screens if talks go sour. With Fox's 10th anniversary next week, a series of 10-year contracts with providers will begin expiring. Fox says the systems pay roughly 25 cents per subscriber each month to carry its programming.
October 19, 2012 | By Meg James
Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes has signed on for another four years. The new employment agreement, announced Friday by parent company News Corp., will keep Ailes at the controls of one of the television's company's most successful divisions through the 2016 presidential election.  In addition to serving as chairman and chief executive of the top-rated Fox News, Ailes also oversees the company's 27 television stations, Twentieth Television syndication,...
October 13, 2004 | Lynn Smith, Times Staff Writer
"I'm a metrosexual -- he's a cowboy." "Women should like me. I do manicures!" "Didn't my nail and cuticles look great?" -- Quotes falsely attributed to John F. Kerry on In the larger scheme of things, the fake quotes posted on the Fox News website following the first presidential debate look like the adolescent silliness that strikes many a campaign-weary journalist at the end of the trail. But not to the activists supporting Democratic candidate Sen. John F.
September 5, 1997
There will be bountiful television and radio coverage of the funeral for Princess Diana on Saturday. But because of the time difference between here and London, the live telecast will hit the airwaves at 3 a.m. West Coast time. Recognizing that not everyone will want to watch in the middle of the night, however, many channels plan to tape the proceedings for a second airing later Saturday.
October 4, 2012 | By Meg James
A huge audience -- an estimated 67.2 million people -- watched the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney on Wednesday, according to ratings firm Nielsen. The crowd levels represent a 28% increase over viewership for the first debate four years ago between then-Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).  That debate, in September 2008, garnered an audience of 52.4 million viewers. Wednesday night's event was carried live from the University of Denver in Colorado across nearly a dozen channels.
March 11, 2005 | Scott Collins, Times Staff Writer
TV shows often feature plots ripped from the headlines, but an upcoming episode of David E. Kelley's legal drama "Boston Legal" was a bit too lifelike for ABC executives. Sunday's episode of the series starring James Spader is about the censorship issues raised when a high school principal tries to block students' access to a cable news channel. In Kelley's original script, the network in question was News Corp.'s Fox News Channel.
May 18, 2007 | From a Times staff writer
The debate among Republican presidential candidates on Fox News Channel this week drew about 38% more viewers than the first one that was carried on MSNBC May 3. Tuesday night's 90-minute telecast with the GOP contenders at the University of South Carolina averaged 2.4 million viewers on Fox, while the earlier one at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley attracted 1.76 million on MSNBC. An April 26 debate among Democratic presidential hopefuls on MSNBC averaged 2.
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