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France Government

March 28, 2000 | By JOHN-THOR DAHLBURG,
With large sections of the state bureaucracy against him, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin vigorously shook up his government Monday, bringing in two Socialist heavyweights who were once his overt critics and rivals. Former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, 53, longtime challenger to Jospin for mastery of the party, was named to the powerful post of finance and economics minister.
November 25, 1999 | Associated Press
The French government struck down Coca-Cola Co.'s bid for French soft drink brand Orangina, saying a takeover would have squeezed competitors out of France. Coca-Cola is ending its pursuit of the deal. The government followed the advice of its Competition Council, a watchdog for monopolies, which rejected Coke's revised bid to buy the beverage brand from French group Pernod Ricard for $780 million.
When Stephen J. Weiss, longtime Los Angeles resident, stood stiffly at attention Friday morning and was kissed on the cheeks by a French general, it was one more remarkable moment in a remarkable life. An enlistee in the U.S. Army more than half a century ago. Began smoking because it was silly for an 18-year-old to suck his thumb. An infantry private in Italy during World War II. Participant in the invasion of southern France.
October 12, 1999 | Times Wire Services
French chefs and restaurant owners protesting high taxes pelted surprised riot police here with eggs and flour Monday, prompting the officers to respond with tear gas to keep them away from the National Assembly. Hundreds of protesters, many wearing chef's hats and banging pots, converged on the parliament to demand that the 20.6% value-added tax on restaurants be cut to the 5.5% rate that fast-food establishments such as McDonald's enjoy.
Sylvie Rouy, a mother of two who has AIDS and must use a wheelchair, came Tuesday seeking justice. But in pain and fatigued, she had to be whisked by ambulance from the courtroom to a hospital for injections of morphine and cortisone. "This trial has destroyed me, has destroyed my family, my child," said the tearful 35-year-old woman from Lorraine in eastern France.
December 15, 1998 | Bloomberg News
The French government said it's prepared to cede control of Aerospatiale, France's biggest defense company, in a last-ditch attempt to help the company muscle in on a merger between British Aerospace and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace. The government, which has already agreed to cut its stake in Aerospatiale to 48%, may go further if it's presented with a plan to unite the company with BAe and Dasa, Finance Minister Dominique Strauss-Kahn said.
November 6, 1998 | ROBERTO J. MANZANO
Two World War I veterans, one of them from the Valley, will receive France's highest honor--the Legion of Honor medal--on Wednesday at the French consul general's home in Beverly Hills. Albert Willard, 101, of Sherman Oaks, and Fred Roberts, 102, of Temple City, will receive the National Order of the Legion of Honor medal, said Yo-Jung Chen, vice consul at the French Consulate in Westwood.
October 22, 1998 | From Reuters
France's left-wing government Wednesday unveiled emergency plans to improve conditions in overcrowded high schools and to try to end three weeks of protests by teenage students. Education Minister Claude Allegre told the National Assembly that he will increase nonteaching personnel and offer regional authorities interest-free loans to refurbish state high schools. "High school students have clearly said they want rapid reforms. . . .
September 18, 1998 | Associated Press
The French government blocked Coca-Cola's proposed $850-million buyout of Orangina, France's most popular soft drink, from Pernod-Ricard. The announcement came as a surprise because analysts had considered government approval a formality, although there was opposition from Pepsi-Cola Co., which had feared losing its distribution channels in France because of the deal.
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