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November 23, 2006
Re "Rangel's call to reinstate draft meets resistance," Nov. 21 I hope we are being lied to about this war on terror. That may seem a strange thing to wish for, but it beats the alternative. If we are really fighting a global war for our very existence, as our government keeps telling us, it is the height of irrationality for our leaders to resist reinstatement of the draft. If we thought of this war as a sporting event and we were wondering which side to bet on, consider this. On their side, they have people who are willing to volunteer to sacrifice their lives to attack us, and on our side, we are not only unwilling to even consider mobilizing to meet the threat, we aren't even willing to have our taxes raised to pay to hire the people we hope will defend us. Who would you bet on?
November 27, 2011 | Hector Becerra
Inside his plywood "Temple of the Collective Consciousness," Victor Pantoja said the city's plan to evict Occupy L.A. was just the latest thing to create an ornery mood among some of the counterculture veterans, young leftists and down-and-out campers at City Hall. Outside his tent, the 21-year-old said, loud arguments often break out -- especially at night. And even when people seem to agree, they sound like they don't. "There's a lot of craziness around here sometimes," Pantoja said.
February 25, 1986 | Thomas Bonk
In his rookie year as an NBA coach, Dave Wohl probably appreciates more than ever the three tranquil seasons he spent as Pat Riley's assistant with the Lakers, very much unlike the Nets, who have been a team in turmoil since around Christmas. Wohl, a boyish-looking 37, has seen a whole bunch of gray hair sprouting from his head lately. Some have been caused by injuries to key players, but most of Wohl's gray hair has been provided courtesy of Micheal Ray Richardson.
August 12, 1987 | EARL GUSTKEY, Times Staff Writer
You'll have to forgive Pavel Katsen. He's been an American for three years now, and he can't understand why Greco-Roman wrestling isn't the great American sport. Katsen, a coach who emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1979, became a U.S. citizen in 1984. He has acquired American tastes in everything from cheeseburgers to baseball. Well, OK, he likes baseball highlights , the ones you can see every night on ESPN.
September 28, 1986 | JEROME COHEN, Baseball fan Jerome Cohen, former general counsel of the United Farm Workers, now practices law in Carmel Valley, Calif.
Babe Ruth could not have played for the San Diego Padres. He overate, drank, womanized and swore at his manager, Miller Huggins. Grover Cleveland Alexander could not have pitched for the Padres. Fans know how he came into the seventh game of the 1926 World Series with two down, bases loaded, the winning run on second, to strike out Tony Lazzeri--while half-crocked. Neither could Ty Cobb, who was too mean. Or Ted Williams, who once flipped off the crowd at Fenway Park and never wore a tie.
August 1, 2001
Re "Firms' Use of Energy Fees Catching Heat," July 26: It's time to stop adding insult to injury by charging Californians energy surcharges on goods and services while they also suffer their own huge utility bills. I have another solution that would make our Texan president and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proud: surcharge exports. Like Texas' isolationist energy policy, and indeed as the president suggests, California businesses should simply accept that this energy problem is their own--and deal with it. So instead, let's share the pain.
March 9, 2007 | AL MARTINEZ
I am writing in my underwear today, the dark blue boxers that match my socks, and I am not listening to any background music as I compose this column in protest of the latest definition of who we are in L.A. It came in the most recent evaluation of the journal that employs me from a man who presumes to know all about newspapers and all about the population in Southern California that reads this one. His name is Charles K.
A Corona del Mar podiatrist is struggling to get his foot in the door at a prestigious medical building complex in Newport Beach, complaining that the landlord is discriminating against his profession. Ivar Roth, 36, describes himself as "very conservative" and said he fits right into the traditional Newport Beach physician community. "I follow the rules," he said. "I don't make trouble."
August 24, 2004
You're wrong that the only people who cliff jump are adolescent kids. I'm 33 and still jump every Sunday in summer. Cliff jumping should not be illegal. One reason it's outlawed is because there is no or little money to be made from it. In the land of the free, should a sport or activity be illegal just because someone isn't making money off of it? Will Childers San Diego,
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