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French Fries

June 5, 1992 | Associated Press
Jackie Zajac and Shiela Mullan have opened Fido's Fast Food in a former Fotomat booth. They say that it's the only drive-through for pets in the Toledo area, but that others exist elsewhere in the country. The menu includes cheeseburgers, french fries, peanut butter bagels, carob drops, people-shaped crackers and catnip. The food is dried, so even the cheeseburgers are crunchy.
May 19, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
A man was executed in Huntsville for the fatal stabbing of his children's 84-year-old baby sitter during a robbery. Bryan Wolfe told his relatives and friends that he appreciated their support before he received the lethal injection. "I will be OK," he said. For his last meal, Wolfe, 44, had fried chicken, pork chops, barbecue ribs, french fries, peach cobbler and a banana.
June 18, 2004
Re "USDA: Frozen Fries Are 'Fresh' Veggies," June 15: Under pressure from the branch of the U.S. obesity industry devoted to the consumption of frozen French fries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and now a federal judge have agreed that frozen French fries constitute "fresh vegetables." This is an outrageous Alice in Wonderland interpretation of a simple phrase that any 2-year-old can understand. This country's anxiety to export its vision of democracy to the entire globe makes outcomes like this especially sad. With the USDA in the deep fryer of the frozen potato industry, any country that cares to look will have to wonder about how much of our political and legal system is for sale to the highest bidder.
March 12, 2003 | From Associated Press
France's refusal to back a proposed U.S.-led military campaign against Iraq started an international food fight of sorts Tuesday on Capitol Hill, as french fries and french toast were replaced in the House of Representatives eateries by "freedom fries" and "freedom toast." The name changes follow similar actions by restaurants around the country protesting French opposition to the Bush administration's Iraq war plans. "Update.
March 10, 2008 | Janet Cromley, Times Staff Writer
A wet tater is a healthy tater, according to British researchers. Rinsing or soaking raw French fries in water before frying may reduce levels of acrylamide in the crunchy product, according to a team led by investigators at Leatherhead Food International, a food and beverage research and consulting company. The study appeared online last week in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Acrylamide, which is created in small amounts during production of French fries and potato chips, has been linked to cancer in rodents, and some researchers believe it may be carcinogenic to humans as well.
February 2, 1999 | BOOTH MOORE
If you think the fat findings of the Center for Science in the Public Interest were bad for movie popcorn, take a bite out of this. Thanks to a new machine, French fries may be coming soon to a theater near you. The MT 2000 is a self-serve machine that delivers kosher French fries in less than 45 seconds, with 20% less fat than fries made at fast-food restaurants. The process starts with a dehydrated potato product, which is reconstituted, pushed through an extruder and dropped into a fryer.
April 22, 2007 | Laurie Goering, Chicago Tribune
It's not easy being a meat eater in India, the world center of vegetarianism. With nearly 200 million strict vegetarians and an additional half a billion people who only rarely sample meat, India caters to vegetarians as the norm. Most supermarkets are vegetarian. So are many roadside restaurants, their signs touting "Veg," "Pure Veg" or "100 Percent Vegetarian" cuisine. In India, it is meat eaters, not vegetarians, who must comb the menu to find something appealing.
The United Nations came to Orange County this weekend for the 20th International Street Fair, offering a smorgasbord for the thousands who flocked to this city's central plaza Saturday afternoon. "Denmark: You'll Love It," proclaimed one overhead banner, encouraging eaters to sample the Danish delicacy ableskiver--fluffy fried dough balls dipped in raspberry jam and topped with powdered sugar. "Velhommen til Norge" read another sign, offering rare Norwegian imported beer.
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