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Fruit Trees

April 24, 2013 | By Lauren Beale
Soap star Drake Hogestyn is ready to sell the Malibu retreat where he has no doubt spent many days of his life. It is up for sale at $4.995 million. The Tuscan-style two-story, built in 2002, features wood-beam ceilings, French doors, hardwood floors, decks and balconies. There are fireplaces in the living room, family room and master suite of the 6,616-square-foot house, which has a total of five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The grounds of about an acre include a circular driveway, a swimming pool, sycamore trees, fruit trees and an herb garden.
March 10, 2011 | By Veronique de Turenne, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Sometimes, the peach on a backyard tree is just a peach, a sweet, home-grown bonus. In certain circles of Altadena, though, that peach is a gateway fruit. One tree becomes three, which becomes an orchard. The quest for organic fertilizer leads to a flock of chickens, which beget a garden. Before you know it, there's a herd of goats out front, heritage turkeys in back, a beehive, a rabbit hutch and a guard llama. This isn't just growing your own, a few clay pots on a condo balcony, say, or a tomato patch next to the rose bed. It's full-on urban homesteading, people raising fruit, produce and livestock in the city, and nowhere in Southern California has it taken off like in Altadena.
May 12, 1991 | BILL SIDNAM, Sidnam has written garden columns and features for The Times since 1975.
If you have a peach or a plum or other deciduous fruit tree in your back yard and you aren't thinning the fruit, the quality produced will be quite inferior to what it could produce if properly thinned. According to fruit tree expert Bill Nelson at Pacific Tree Farms in Chula Vista, one of the largest home orchard nurseries in California, fruit thinning is one of the most important chores in the home orchard; it must be done religiously.
March 24, 1991 | BILL SIDNAM, Sidnam has written garden columns and features for The Times since 1975
According to Roger Meyer, a nursery owner who specializes in subtropical fruit trees and plants, the jujube (pronounced ju-JU-bee) is a tree for all reasons. Consider its attributes: The jujube is a handsome tree, it bears copious quantities of delicious fruit and it thrives in most landscaping situations, even on lawns, with very little care.
July 18, 2002
Citrus needs to be watered more often than other fruit trees because of the relatively shallow roots, but don't overdo it. Evenly spaced irrigations are the key to preventing fruit drop and splitting. A good soaking every two weeks is often recommended in summer. Leaves yellowing between the veins in summer are a sign of chlorosis. Cure by fertilizing with trace elements such as iron or zinc, available at nurseries. Most plants don't need fertilizing in summer.
March 15, 1996
A serene 10-acre retreat, set down like a paradox in the middle of Encino in a well-to-do-neighborhood. The grounds are lush with oaks and pines, roses and birds of paradise, fruit trees and isolated garden paths and duck pond.
July 17, 2011 | By Martin Eichner
Question: I just rented a cottage on a lot that includes fruit trees in the backyard. I was looking forward to living here but the woman who owns the cottage is ruining my peace and quiet. She lives nearby and everyday, without any warning, goes into the yard to tend to the fruit trees. I feel that I cannot go out into the yard because she is hanging around so often, which means I have lost the use of the backyard for which I am paying. When I complained to her, she pointed out that my rental agreement allows her to enter the yard any time she feels it is necessary.
November 11, 2001 | From Project Sentinel and
Question: I rent a house that has many fruit trees in the backyard. During the last fruit-picking season, I had a problem with my landlord, as well as her family, coming into my yard at all hours of the day and night to pick the fruit. When I moved in, it was agreed that I would care for the trees in exchange for a share of the fruit. I don't mind sharing, but I do mind that they didn't ask permission or notify me before coming onto the property to pick the fruit.
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