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November 30, 2000 | ELIZABETH DOUGLASS,
Sorting through today's phone gadgets and services can be intimidating, but the upside is that it's fertile ground for gift-giving. A wide range of stores sell phones and equipment, from relatively inexpensive wireless accessories to more involved purchases such as home phone upgrades, mobile phones or pagers. With mobile phone accessories, the key thing is compatibility.
December 7, 2002
Re "Cell Phones and Driving a Lethal Mix, Study Says," Dec. 2: Clearly, some people can't talk and drive at the same time. However, many others can do so safely. Since our politicians tend to be reactors, the safe ones will end up being punished for the sins of the unsafe drivers. A fairer response would be for police officers to look for these unsafe drivers and cite them for "unsafe driving." That would not require another law on the books or punish those who can drive and talk at the same time.
November 17, 2012
Re “ Romney blames loss on Obama 'gifts,' ” Nov. 15 Will somebody please let Mitt Romney know that the election is over and he lost? He had many, many months to present his vision for the future, and America (which he might not realize includes women, minorities and young people) rejected it. He should have let his eloquent concession speech serve as his final words. Instead, he spewed a fictitious, bigoted and condescending view of why he lost: It wasn't because he was poised to roll back women's healthcare rights, give tax breaks to the rich or dismiss 47% of the country as takers; it was because young people, minorities and the working class were bribed with gifts and blindly made their decision based on free stuff.
September 18, 1994 | Kathleen Moloney
body: n. a specific design or style of clothing, such as the five-pocket jean or the miniskirt. "We're continuing that body next year in silk." boyfriend blazer: n. a simple, menswear-inspired blazer, usually blue, tht women wear with jeans. "Boyfriend blazers are a standard L.A. uniform." burn-out: n. a velvet pattern on a sheer fabric that resembles flocking. "All my new burn-out blew out the door in less than a week." ditzy print: n.
"The Specials" is an unfortunate name for a film that's anything but. It's all talk and no action in the most literal sense, yet its title refers to a team of superhumans dedicated to putting their unusual powers in the service of doing good deeds in the tradition of Superman. Alas, they are always coming in second in comparison to other such teams.
Tonight at 8:30, CBS is hoping that a 6-month-old chatterbox can do for its Monday-night lineup what he couldn't quite pull off for a fledgling Internet firm. The character "Baby Bob" earned major smiles awhile back as the "talking" pitchbaby for, trading quips with Laker star Shaquille O'Neal in a couple of particularly memorable spots.
July 23, 1998 | JEANNINE STEIN
Barbra Streisand's grand wedding to James Brolin a few weeks ago inspired a comprehensive, photo-filled People magazine spread, which, in turn, prompted us to think about that Donna Karan gown she wore. It was long, white, had a veil, showed a lot of cleavage, and got us wondering: Was it the best look for La Streisand? So we solicited your opinions on this extremely important matter. Responses were pretty evenly mixed, pro and con, with only a few catty comments.
March 6, 2006 | Larry Stewart, Times Staff Writer
Shaquille O'Neal, who turns 34 today, may have lost a step or two, but he's still quick-witted. O'Neal told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he is a "little bit slower but much smarter." He also said, "Mentally, I'm a lot better. Physically, I'm either the same or I'm losing it a bit, but the older you get, that happens." Nichols: "In what ways do you think you're losing it a little bit?" O'Neal: "I can't do the Vince Carter baseline windmill like I used to, but that's OK....
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