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September 22, 2012 | By Steve Dilbeck
Win out. That's pretty much what's left for the Dodgers after they fell 6-0 to the Reds and Mat Latos on Saturday. The Dodgers now trail the Cardinals, who won Saturday, by three games for the final wild-card spot. And the Dodgers have only 10 games left in their regular season. They could win out and still not make it, but winning every single game has to be their objective now. It will take a season-best effort to even pull that off. Their longest winning streak of the year is only six games, last accomplished in May. Back then, of course, they had the best record in baseball.
March 23, 2013 | By Broderick Turner
Willie Green understands his role with the Clippers. It is to start at shooting guard when Chauncey Billups is out with an injury. It is to support his teammates when Billups is playing. It is to be a professional when he doesn't play at all. Green has been in the NBA for 10 years and he's not about to cause any problems, because he is a team-first player. "It helps from the standpoint that I can see the bigger picture," Green said. "And the bigger picture is not me moaning and complaining about a couple of games I don't play in. The bigger is picture is that everybody was brought here with the knowledge that we want to go far in the playoffs.
October 14, 2007 | Vani Rangachar
Geocachers, instead of bushwhacking in the wilderness looking for buried treasure, turn your sights to advance science. Today is the beginning of Earth Science Week, started by the Geological Society of America, and GPS enthusiasts can participate by "Earthcaching." Register and choose a place to visit at Then GPS your way to the spot, and do the task specified on the website.
November 16, 1995 | BENJAMIN EPSTEIN
The first time I walked into Virtual World in Costa Mesa, I was overwhelmed--sensory overload. I couldn't get out soon enough. Lured back for a second visit by the imaginative design elements and vaguely intellectual atmosphere, I was determined to play at least one virtual-reality game. Keep in mind: The thought of PacMan gives me a vague headache resembling TV static. My idea of computer entertainment is WordPerfect 5.1. Could I find happiness with a joystick?
November 20, 1989 | From Times staff and wire service reports
The British Medical Assn. has approved a game for schoolchildren with cards depicting condoms and sperm donation to teach children 11 to 18 about the dangers of AIDS. The game released last week consists of 28 cards depicting a range of social and sexual activities that children are asked to define as either safe or as posing a risk of transmitting acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Among the safe behaviors are shaking hands, kissing, sharing food, donating blood and coughing and sneezing.
November 8, 2012 | Eric Sondheimer
Westlake Village Oaks Christian (8-2) at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (7-3), 7 p.m. Oaks Christian is making its Pac-5 Division playoff debut. The Lions opened a 21-0 lead over top-seeded Ventura St. Bonaventure last week before losing in the Marmonte League championship game, so it's clear they have the ability to play against the best,. They're led by quarterback Brandon Dawkins and linebacker Cameron Judge. Notre Dame's offense has reached peak form in Week 11, led by standout running back Khalfani Muhammad and improving quarterback Kelly Hilinski.
July 10, 1988
Los Angeles police seized more than 130 allegedly rigged "Original Hollywood Crane" arcade games Saturday in a series of raids on the machine's manufacturer in Sun Valley and at convenience stores, coin laundries and bars. More than 60 vice detectives served warrants at Hollywood Crane Merchandising Inc. on Lankershim Boulevard and at most of the locations where the firm has placed about 160 of the machines, said Detective John Lindsay.
Ever since Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary became mega-hit sellers on the board-game circuit in the mid-1980s and their little-known inventors rose to stardom, basement game making has become a burgeoning business, with hundreds of inventors trying their luck at creating the next national craze.
"The happiest adults," said Picasso, "are doing what they did as kids." And what do kids do? Play games. If one tableau for the Acquisitive '80s found them hunched over Monopoly or the Trump game or the Wall Street game or Acquire, a metaphor for the '90s may be a kinder, gentler competition across a game board that teaches environmental principals. The "environmental decade" is spawning an array of games, usually made from recycled or recyclable materials, that teach an appreciation of nature.
March 23, 2013 | By Ben Bolch
The wins kept coming. So did the games. Three in a row. Five in six days. It didn't matter that the rest of the NBA, and the calendar, conspired against the Lakers 41 seasons ago. Logistics couldn't bother them in a season when they didn't seem to grasp the meaning of Ls. The team that would win 33 consecutive games, still the longest streak for a major U.S. professional team, often arrived in a city on a midday flight and played a...
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