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December 19, 1986 | From Times Wire Services
A newborn boy found dead in a garbage can at a University of Redlands dormitory probably suffocated on toilet tissue stuffed into his mouth, but further tests will be performed, a San Bernardino County coroner's official said Thursday. "We could all assume it was from the tissue, but I can't say (for sure)," Deputy Coroner Linda Stokes said. "I can imagine it was caused by the tissue." A custodian found the boy in a restroom trash can.
February 5, 2012 | By Scarlet Cheng, Special to the Los Angeles Times
In his native Argentina, Máximo González studied the usual prerequisites for an art degree — drawing and painting — but he didn't find his true métier until he delved into other people's garbage. It began in 1991 when he found pieces of wood from a house about to be torn down, He made wall sculptures from them. Then in 1992 he found a tin box full of old coins on the street. He made an installation with them. "I found money in the garbage," the artist says, his mischievous blue eyes dancing behind oversized glasses.
October 15, 1986 | DAVID G. SAVAGE, Times Staff Writer
It's not every day that the contents of a West Hollywood trash bin make their way to the Supreme Court, but that's what happened Tuesday. The justices, acting on an appeal from the Los Angeles district attorney's office, agreed to examine further the contents of that trash bin--and garbage in general.
May 31, 2005
Re "Plan to Ship Waste to Remote Sites Dropped," May 25: C'mon, L.A.! It's a no-brainer. Landfills are obsolete. In fact, waste is obsolete. Almost everything is a potential resource, and those items that are not should really be reconsidered. We need massive green waste recycling or composting, regular recycling and public education to quit over-consuming junk products. We can bring canvas bags to the grocery store and reduce or stop buying products that have excessive, wasteful packaging.
July 11, 2000 | From Times Wire Services
A mountain of garbage loosened by rain collapsed and burst into flames Monday at Manila's biggest dump, flattening squatters' shanties and killing at least 60 people, officials said. About 30 other people were injured and at least 68 remained missing late Monday, Red Cross spokeswoman Tess Usapdin said. About 300 soldiers and volunteers, hampered by a lack of equipment, poor lighting and bursts of rain, toiled through the night to try to reach victims.
June 3, 1989 | J. MICHAEL KENNEDY, Times Staff Writer
Bill Webb's green truck is a familiar sight around here. It's the one with all the bins in the back. Each day, he drives down Seattle's streets, picking up plastic crates filled with cans and paper and glass and, in some areas, plastic. Webb works for a recycling company, and that makes him and his job a hot item, indeed. "I love this route," said Webb, dumping another crate of cans into his truck. "They're really dedicated." Across town, Don Dentz leads the way through a cavernous warehouse that is filled with trash.
September 24, 1986 | United Press International
A Soviet spy ship retrieved a bag of garbage dumped by the U.S. aircraft carrier Constellation, apparently to probe for secrets, but got only "food, Coke cans and the garbage of 5,000 men," the Navy said Tuesday. "We were in typical fashion getting rid of our garbage," senior intelligence officer Joe Mazzafro said in an interview aboard ship. Garbage is put in plastic bags, punched through with holes to make it sink, and discarded, he said.
November 6, 2012 | Jonah Goldberg
In the last week or so, an intense kerfuffle broke out over the poll-prognosticator Nate Silver and his blog at the New York Times, FiveThirtyEight . Silver, a statistician, has been predicting a decisive Obama victory for a very long time, based on his very complicated statistical model, which very, very few of his fans or detractors understand. On any given day, Silver might announce that - given the new polling data - "the model" now finds that the president has an 86.3% chance of winning.
October 7, 1987 | DICK RORABACK, Times Staff Writer
1) Who says they're such great garbage cans? 2) Their language seems just a tad too perfect. 3) Are we sure DOD actually has a contract out? After a while, you get tired of making garbage cans. Granted, you make one of the best waste bins in the U.S. of A. Sooner or later, though, you will meet a stranger across a crowded room, and he or she is going to ask: "What do you do?" "I used to look 'em right in the eye," says Randy Gardiner, "and say, 'I'm in garbage cans.'
October 25, 2012 | By Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times
CAIRO - Trucks haul garbage away, but by nightfall trash bags seem to breed across boulevards and alleys, rising like a foul tide until men and boys, hands quick as birds, scavenge for tin foil flashing in the rising sun. Trash tumbles and blows, sits in clumps, blocks traffic, smothers canals, tangles in trees and gives this overcrowded city the fly-buzz hum of something not quite right. There is much wrong in Egypt these days, but few things are as irritating and noxious as piles of rotting waste.
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