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Garden Church

August 27, 1993 | MARK I. PINSKY
Bruce John Ward, a former volunteer at the Crystal Cathedral, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Orange County Superior Court to charges that he molested a boy he met at the Garden Grove church. The 28-year-old Orange man is charged with 79 felony counts, including lewd conduct with a minor. The district attorney's office alleges that the acts occurred over three years, beginning when the youth was 14. Ward, who is free on $25,000 bond, has no previous criminal record, according to his lawyer.
As some restaurants should be saved only for special events, some concert venues should be used only for musical marathons, anniversaries or other gala occasions. The Crystal Cathedral, home of that huge, 12-year-old amalgam of two mammoth instruments--a Ruffatti and a Skinner, an organ standing five stories tall and incorporating 13,000 pipes, five manuals and 223 ranks--is such a venue.
May 27, 2009 | Associated Press
The son of famed Orange County television evangelist Robert H. Schuller said Tuesday he had acquired cable network AmericanLife TV from the Unification Church in partnership with a private equity fund that invests in Christian media firms. The deal comes seven months after the older Rev. Schuller said he was removing his son, the Rev. Robert A. Schuller, as the only preacher of "The Hour of Power" three years after turning the long-running Christian television program over to him.
April 30, 2012 | By Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times
Lately, attending the Crystal Cathedral has been like going to a reunion. Longtime members have returned, along with a 60-person robed choir. Traditional hymns fill the church. And on Sunday, a recognizable face unexpectedly took the pulpit for the first time in years: the Rev. Bobby Schuller, the charismatic grandson of founder the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, participated in a brief interview and read Scripture. "I'm excited to be back," he told congregants, who learned that the 30-year-old pastor will be appearing at the Crystal Cathedral on an occasional basis, while still maintaining a separate ministry in Orange.
July 2, 1992 | ROBERT BARKER
For the second time this year, the City Council this week unanimously rejected a proposal by the owner of an adult bookstore to open a juice bar featuring nude dancers. Council members cited a parking shortage and a recently approved zoning ordinance outlawing adult entertainment in residential areas in turning down bookstore owner Waldon R. Welty's proposal. Welty had proposed demolishing his adult bookstore and arcade to make room for the new business.
March 2, 1987 | Bob Schwartz
Churchgoers leaving Sunday services at the Crystal Cathedral were greeted by punk rockers protesting the Garden Grove church's plans to raze nearby apartments and replace them with a six-story family center. "We're concerned about the people being evicted," said Marc Eric Ely-Chaitlin, a spokesman for the group. "No one is doing anything to help them, and we're outraged that he (the Rev. Robert Schuller) thinks he can do this."
December 14, 2008 | Christopher Goffard, Goffard is a Times staff writer.
The Rev. Robert A. Schuller, ousted in October as the preacher of the long-running Christian television program "Hour of Power," has resigned as senior pastor at the Crystal Cathedral and plans to open his own ministry. Church founder Robert H. Schuller removed his son as the sole preacher on the 39-year-old television show after the younger Schuller, three years into the job, refused to rotate his role with other pastors, the church said.
January 21, 2001 | PRISCILLA LISTER, Priscilla Lister is a freelance writer in San Diego
Year-round, people come from all over the world to walk Charleston's old streets and admire the fastidiously preserved architecture. The oldest residences were built by planters in the 1700s and 1800s as their in-town homes and by the merchants and others who shared in the wealth of the colony's rice (and, later, cotton) trade. In size, design and decoration, each home announced its owner's wealth and status. They still do.
May 27, 2011 | By Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times
Easter at the Crystal Cathedral was once one of the church's signature events: packed with people, decorated with a flurry of fresh flowers, a full orchestra and a pageant performed with flying angels. But this year, things were different. About a quarter of the orchestra — including an oboist, flutist and four French horn players — walked out a mere hour before services began Sunday. They refused to play when they found out their paychecks were short, in some cases by half of what they were verbally promised.
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