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Gary Bettman

December 31, 2012 | By Helene Elliott
The NHL ended 2012 still in lockout mode, but negotiations between the league and the players' association were expected to continue Tuesday in New York for a second straight day. After the sides met Monday, Commissioner Gary Bettman affirmed Jan. 19 as the start for a schedule of no fewer than 48 games if a collective bargaining agreement can be reached in time. A delegation of players and NHLPA executives went to the league's Manhattan offices with their response to a nearly 300-page proposal the league made Thursday.
March 7, 1997 | ROBYN NORWOOD
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman issued a nine-page opinion Thursday in support of his decision to uphold Mighty Duck defenseman J.J. Daigneault's 10-game suspension for "abuse of official." Bettman called the decision "difficult" but sided strongly with referee Don Koharski, saying he would not overrule an official unless there was "clear and convincing evidence he was wrong and the call could not reasonably have been made."
November 2, 2004 | Chris Foster, Times Staff Writer
Representatives from the National Hockey League Players' Assn. will meet with player representatives from the 30 teams today in what is said to be a routine update on the nearly 7-week-old lockout. However, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on Monday may have added another item to the agenda, saying in an interview with the Sports Network in Canada that the season might "slip away."
June 26, 1999
Top 10 reasons why the L.A. Times had such poor coverage of the Stanley Cup final game: 10. Thought NHL season was over when Wayne Gretzky retired. 9. A.J. Foyt didn't have a team in the finals. 8. Michael Jordan decided he didn't want to be part-owner of either the Dallas Stars or Buffalo Sabres. 7. Wrongly assumed that Brett Hull got The Times' e-mail asking him, since he was hurt and wouldn't be playing, to take a few pictures as a freelance photographer. 6. Truly didn't believe that hockey fans would be interested in anything the players or coaches from either team had to say. (Hey, it was late.
Gary Bettman, who as commissioner brought the NHL its first over-the-air television contract in 20 years--and also brought about its longest labor stoppage--was offered a contract extension Thursday by the league's Board of Governors during meetings at Palm Beach, Fla. Bettman, formerly third in command at the NBA, was hired by the NHL in December, 1992, and became its first commissioner on Feb. 1, 1993. His original agreement was for five years at about $1 million per year.
May 28, 2003 | Helene Elliott
After praising the Mighty Ducks as a Cinderella team "that fought through some times when they were the crisis flavor of the month" and lauding the New Jersey Devils for their sustained excellence, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman spent an hour Tuesday saying not much of anything. There's nothing new regarding negotiations for a new labor contract to replace the deal that will expire Sept. 15, 2004, he said, adding, "There is plenty of time and the issues are not that difficult."
November 23, 2012 | By Houston Mitchell
Gail Harris, the last player to hit a home run for the New York Giants before they moved to California, has died in Gainesville, Va. He was 81. Harris hit two home runs on Sept. 21, 1957, against the Pirates in Pittsburgh, leading the Giants to a 9-5 victory. The moved to San Francisco for the 1958 season. “They happened to throw it where I was swinging,” Harris said in a 2008 interview with the Bristol Herald Courier in Virginia. Harris did not make the move to San Francisco with the team.
There was solidarity before the exhibition game, a few scraps during it and a sense of futility by the end Wednesday night as the San Jose Sharks defeated the Kings, 8-4, at the Forum in what might have been the final hockey game for quite some time. Yet, almost all ire seems to be directed at NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman--from the outspoken Wayne Gretzky as well as other players around the league. "I have as much to lose as anybody," Gretzky said Tuesday after an exhibition in San Antonio.
October 31, 2004 | Kara Yorio, Sporting News
It is everyone's wish, the answer to hockey prayers. He will save us. He must. He can end the lockout. He can make the game high-scoring and fun to watch again. He can bring back the good old days. Defenseman Chris Chelios recently put in his vote for Gretzky to replace current commissioner Gary Bettman on Sporting News Radio. "Everyone respects what Wayne says," Chelios told James Brown. "Look what he's doing for Canadian hockey. He has jumped in there with the international hockey and done a great job. I think he's got a great business sense, and I think because of his experience, his history with hockey, he outweighs Gary Bettman or Bob Goodenow by a long shot."
November 21, 2012 | By Helene Elliott
The NHL on Wednesday turned down a five-year labor agreement proposed by the NHL Players' Assn., moving to the brink of losing December games and its All-Star festivities. Commissioner Gary Bettman, who has canceled games through Nov. 30 as well as the Jan. 1 Winter Classic, said the league's daily losses of $18 million to $20 million will affect its bargaining strategy. "Any expectation that the offer is going to get better as time goes on is unrealistic," Bettman told reporters in New York.
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